December 16 2022

A Guide to the Best Bitcoin ATM Locations in the U.S.

As recently as just a few years ago, there weren’t very many Bitcoin ATM locations in the U.S. But as of 2022, there are more than 34,000 of these ATMs for those interested in tracking down Bitcoin options.

Are you a Bitcoin investor who could benefit from having easy access to a Bitcoin ATM? You should be able to find Bitcoin ATMs that you can use for investing in Bitcoin by Googling “Bitcoin ATM locations near me.”

Here are several of the best places where you’ll find Bitcoin ATMs in your area.


If you look around inside the average restaurant, you’ll usually find a regular ATM machine somewhere in it. Restaurants set these ATMs up so that people can take out cash to pay for their meals or to leave tips for their waiters and waitresses.

Many of them have also started to add Bitcoin ATMs to the mix. So if you know where a regular ATM is inside a restaurant, you may want to look in its general vicinity to see if a Bitcoin ATM might be close by.

Gas Stations

Gas stations are other places where you’ll almost always find ATM machines. People tend to need to be able to get their hands on cash at gas stations, so many of them have arranged to put ATM machines into place.

With Bitcoin’s popularity on the rise, a lot of these same gas stations are also welcoming Bitcoin ATMs into the mix. You might be able to find one strategically placed near a regular ATM in a gas station.


Many airports have all kinds of crazy machines in them. From regular old ATM machines to vending machines that sell luxury tech items like Beats By Dre headphones, these machines have found homes in more than a few airports.

Some airports are also starting to set up Bitcoin ATM locations. They offer Bitcoin buying options and also give people a chance to turn Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency into cold hard cash.

Search for an ATM Bitcoin investors can use the next time you find yourself wandering aimlessly through an airport. You might be surprised to find that some airports will have multiple Bitcoin ATMs set up for all those who have come to appreciate what cryptocurrency has to offer.

Look For Bitcoin ATM Locations in Your Area

It wasn’t all that long ago that Bitcoin ATM locations were few and far between. But in this day and age, there are more Bitcoin ATMs popping up all over the place and changing the way people use ATMs in the first place.

It would be worth Googling “Bitcoin ATM locations near me” to see which options you can find in your area. There might be way more of them than you would have initially guessed.

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Kyrie Mattos