December 25 2020

7 Tips for choosing a Laptop for a College Student

Most institutions of higher learning require students to report with a laptop that can access the internet. Apart from ordering writing essay service by EssayHub, one also needs to record lectures, make presentations, and do other types of homework. This way, lecturers can have an easy time giving assignments, and students can easily submit their work.

Aside from accessing the internet for educational resources like research paper helper, students also need their laptops for entertainment. College life can be quite boring if you don’t have a way of blowing off steam on the weekends.

As an incoming college student, you should know how to choose a laptop that will cater to all your needs. This way, you won’t end up spending money on a machine that comes short.

So what kind of laptop would serve you for four or more consecutive years? IT experts have specifications you should look for in a laptop. You need to have a list of the features you’re looking for in a laptop and use it to choose the best one in the market.

If you’re on your computer buying journey, this article is for you. We will discuss tips to help you choose a suitable machine.

Let’s get started!

Consider Your Studies

The main reason why you’re purchasing a computer is that the college you’re joining expects you to have one. That means the most important consideration when choosing a machine is your studies.

Which course are you going to study? What computer specs do you need to have a streamlined learning process? Even though laptops tend to be similar on the outside, it’s the internal features that matter the most. Of course, you want an aesthetically appealing machine, but it would do you no good if that is all it brought to the table.

If your course requires more than the basic computer programs, you have to ensure that the laptop you purchase can support advanced pieces of software. A computer with a high-end processor will ensure you have an easy time navigating a design-intensive course.

A laptop that only supports Microsoft Word and Excel will have a hard time keeping up with processes like graphic design and video editing. Be sure to check if the college you’re joining has recommended a laptop you should buy for an easier decision-making process.

2-in-1 Capabilities

The second tip to use in your buying process is whether a machine has 2-in-1 capabilities. If you want a machine that you can easily carry around campus, a tablet that doubles as a laptop is perfect. It is not only light and aesthetically appealing, it also offers you the functionality you need for a streamlined learning process.

There are quite a number of 2-in-1 laptops in the market that you can explore. They are versatile machines that ensure your shoulders are not weighed down from carrying them all the time.

A laptop with 2-in-1 capabilities will ensure you never forget to carry your machine to school because of how conveniently portable it is. Besides, you get to use it for both school work and entertainment thanks to the sufficient storage space available.

Imagine being able to remove your laptop keyboard when you don’t need it and popping it right back when you need to type. I’m sure you’ll also enjoy using the stylus pen to scribble notes in class. This is perfect because, unlike notebooks, with a tablet, you will never misplace your lecture notes.

Screen Size

Screen size is yet another consideration to make when buying a new computer. Over the years, screen size preferences have changed as computer manufacturers keep designing small, portable laptops. This means that even though a computer with a large screen size might seem appealing, it might not be the best option for you.

Most modern laptops have smaller screen sizes because manufacturers today are aiming for portability. If you go for the largest screen size in the market, chances are, you’ll settle for an outdated machine.

According to CustomEssayMeister, the question you should ask as you look at screen sizes is, what specs come with a large or small-screened laptop? Besides, why would you go for a heavy machine when you can buy one with a sleek design?

Battery Life

As you look for a laptop, don’t settle for one whose battery life is let than eight hours. A computer with a long battery life allows you to study in areas without a charging port. You can take your time completing your assignment because the power can sustain you for hours. The last thing you want is the hassle of charging your laptop between classes when everyone else is resting.


The average amount of storage in need in a laptop is about 8GB. Investing in a machine with sufficient storage saves you the cost of purchasing external storage.

Once you determine the brand and model of the computer you want, find out if it has enough storage space. If it doesn’t, you should go back to the drawing board until you find the right fit.

Campus Discounts

This is a very important financial recommendation because it allows you to buy the computer you want at a fraction of the price. That I why you should start looking for the laptop you want after you get your college ID.

It’s no secret that high-performance laptops are expensive; but with a campus discount, you can save up and get the machine you’ve been eyeing.

Personal Preference

After all, is said and done, what remains is your preference. Don’t purchase a computer you won’t be proud of owning simply because a friend recommended it. Do extensive research and make sure that the machine you end up with is exactly what you wanted.

Relying on your personal preference will ensure you go for a machine that’s both functional and aesthetically appealing. Take a trip to a trusted computer store and test out a few machines to get their feel. From there, you can browse online knowing what to expect from different machines.

Wrapping Up

Purchasing a college laptop is a serious investment that requires in-depth research. You want to go for a machine that can sustain you for four or more years. When you have the right purchasing tips, you’re guaranteed to be completely satisfied with the laptop you settle for. Take your time browsing your options and only make the final payment if there is no doubt in your mind that that’s the machine you want.


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