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5 Video Games that Were Converted into Casino Games

The international casino games have grown extensively over the course of years and the growth process continues due to which the online casino games have become more exciting. There’s more variety in casino games today than it ever was. It happened when the video game developers started converting their popular video games into online casino games.

The online casino sites are not only confined to slot machines and table games but there is much more variety of games today found at and other online casino websites. Over time, the online casinos adopted a quality theme of certain video games and hence progressed strongly. Slots are the most popular online casino games and most of the players prefer playing them. The digital casinos enhanced the fun of this game by using impactful themes of music, films, and video games.

This blog post highlights the top 5 video games that underwent conversion into casino games.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Slot Machines

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has been the highest-grossing video game! The game was developed by Activision. Amaya Gaming, a popular slot has now launched slots gambling based on the theme of Call of Duty, players can have the fun of slots gambling in a thrilling warzone environment.

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare Slot machine is based on a five-reel format and provides equal fun to gamers of all stripes. The theme is based on the video game but even if someone is not a fan of video games, the fun style of slot games makes it exciting for them. There are free sounds, expanded feels, special wilds, and exciting reward offers.

Resident Evil Slot Game

Resident Evil has been a legendary game and movie franchise, which got millions of fans around the world. Thinking of zombie-based horror video games, this one’s the first that usually pops up into the mind. Both the movie and video game have numerous sequels, and each sequel gained a big fan base.

The popular game theme is now being adopted by online casinos as a base for the game of slots, and this version of the casino game gained huge popularity among the players of digital casinos. The format of this one is based on three reels and makes use of wilds and symbols of characters and weapons. Moreover, the slot game features and transmits the actual horror of the game. This one is great for the fans of Resident Evil!


Zuma is an absolute classic game that has gained an equal number of fans from different generations. In fact, the android version of this game is also available and is loved by children as well as teenagers. It is though a simple puzzle game but owing to its popularity, it is available on nearly every platform: PC, PlayStation Xbox, mobile phones, iPod, Android, etc.

The slot version of this game is based on a conventional 5 reel 20 pay-line game. There is a display of nearly all the similar symbols as that of the Zuma video game, however, there is an inclusion of some nice poker symbols too!

Street Fighter Slot Machine Game

The Street Fighter video game has been an outstanding video game series of all time. The history of this classic game is quite old, yet the fame of this game is still alive! The credit goes to its main characters, Ryu, Sagat, and others which bring out thrill in the game and give adrenaline rushes to the players.

The slot version of this game encompasses 5 reels, 25 play lines, and a lot of excitement, wilds, and chances to win real money. This version reflects the exact excitement of the original game and such reflection is rarely found in other games. The graphics of this version is very strong and impactful, whereas the appealing backdrop and thrilling music boost the players’ interest to play their favorite casino game. These are the reasons that this game ranks top among the online casino games based on the theme of video games.

Red Dead Redemption

Remember, the famous Grand Theft Auto series? Well, Red Dead Redemption was also created by the same developers, and the game set big records in the industry. The online casino picked this game theme for the game of poker. The poker version of this game follows the well known Texas Hold’em format which let the players sit down for a few round and plan a better strategy to defeat opponents and win big amount of money. However, the regulation of this game is very smart and one just can’t cheat the opponents and if it’s done then the player has to encounter an immediate ring which leads to the death of a player in the game.

The game also features a round of Liar’s Dice in which the gambling is based on dice. This round is a bit rough but is exciting.

A vast number of people tend to play online casino games and the online casino industry has undergone huge modifications to keep the interest of its audience intact. That is why the industry conducted the conversion of video games into online casino games so the players have new and engaging games to play and gamble. The above discussed popular video games have now become popular in the digital casino industry too.


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