January 11

5 PC Game Releases You’ll Want To Check Out in 2021

The long-awaited year of 2021 also happens to be an exciting one for the gaming community. Indeed, many titles are scheduled for release, many of which are bound to catch a gamer’s eye. But exploring all of these options, how do you know which games deserve your time and energy the most?

The following PC game releases show promise of fulfilling everything a gamer may want, so be sure stay on the lookout for these titles in 2021:

1. Hitman 3

On the 20th of January 2021, you’ll once again be able to wear the suit of one of the world’s stealthiest killers. Although you could very well play the game as a classic shooter, it’s much better to stay hidden in the shadows and find stealthier means to achieving your in-game goals. The reward system is designed to reward the quieter and smoother approach; the less mayhem and traces of your deeds you leave behind, the better.

Story-wise, Hitman 3 is set to bring about the conclusion of the series. This time around, Agent 47 will embark on his most important mission to date, so we can look forward to getting many of the still-open loops answered and mysteries resolved. Once again, you – the player – will be faced with many paths to take, so you’ll decide your way to consume this one. The emphasis lies in using your environment to your advantage and finding clever ways to dispose of someone without necessarily using any weapons. Based on how masterful your approach is, the game will grade your performance at the end of each level and assign you a rank.

In other words: this is a perfectionist’s game, no doubt about it.

2. Ready or Not

This is another shooter with a heavy focus on taking a tactical approach to dispose of your opposition and achieving your goals. This time around, the game will place you in the shoes of a SWAT officer tasked with disposing of dangerous individuals who are a threat to society. The focus lies on offering the player a realistic experience, so you will be able to take a sip of what real SWAT teams have to deal with in their operations. In other words, danger, danger, and more danger, with a bit of sacrifice sprinkled on top.

Those who prefer single-player adventures will find more than they’ve bargained for. Simultaneously, multiplayer enthusiasts will not be left out, as there will be plenty of PVP content left to explore. One of the most promising aspects of its design is how the game offers plenty of approaches to tackle the challenges that await. For the pacifists at heart, you will be able to subdue your opponents peacefully rather than eliminating them, all with the help of bean bag shotguns and similar means.

3. New World

Another MMORPG? Yes, but this one is bound to be quite unlike anything we’ve seen thus far. It’s focused on combat between players and the environment and features stunning graphics to boot. Survival is at the core of its design, so grinding and boredom will never get a chance to spoil your joy.

New World focuses on finding your combat style and customizing your weapons to fit your needs. It’s a skill-based game, so you will be rewarded for studying its underlying mechanics. Of course, spending your in-game resources on purchasing new equipment will not be left out of the equation either, all wrapped up in awe-inspiring visuals and graphics effects. But to gather the much-needed resources, you’ll have to be brave enough to venture out into the wilderness. Once again, knowing your environment will play a crucial role here.

By playing it, you will get to witness both the ugliest and the most beautiful aspects of being alive.

4. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

The successor to a popular title released in the past will place you in the 21st century Seattle, where you’ll be playing the so-called “thin blood”, a vampire with weaker abilities. To forge your way through the quest, you’ll be presented with a myriad of options regarding the playstyle and what vampire clan to join. Of course, this will play a major role in how your character develops over time.

Exploration will be rewarded with numerous side-missions that can only be discovered by the most detail-oriented players. Combat-wise, you’ll be able to dispose of various threats either by engaging them head-on or via stealthier means. Depending on what faction you associate yourself with, certain individuals will treat you either as a friend or an enemy. Make poor decisions, and some important quest-givers may refuse to give you new missions.

5. Dead Matter

This is another promising survival title that is bound to shake up the gaming scene in 2021. After seeing generous support on Kickstarter, the stage is finally set for release that is not that far ahead of us. Besides, a healthy mix of survival, horror, and adventure has never hurt anyone, so if you have never played one of these games before, now is a good time to give it a shot.

To survive, the players will have to think about timing their actions right and making the best of their environment, health, and resources. Since zombies can attack at any time, stocking up on weapons and ammunition is a good course of action.

Don’t forget to stay safe

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2021 is shaping up to be a promising year, and every genre will offer something to look forward to. Have you laid your eyes on one of these titles already?


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