May 28 2021

5 Advantages of Using Floor-standing Speakers for Gaming

Pairing your video game console with a high-performance A/V surround sound system would offer a completely new gameplay experience, from the imminent sound of an opponent drop-ship circling overhead to machine-gun fire whizzing by to the specific rattling of your floorboards as an EMP damages your enemy’s equipment.

Modern games are more like blockbuster movies in terms of video and sound effects, with developers giving careful attention to the narrative, soundtracks, ambient noises, and the aspect of aural surprise, and the standard keeps getting raised. A specialized and robust speaker system can provide a crucial power-up for gamers searching for an edge to magnify multi-person experiences.

What Is A Floor-Standing Speaker?

Tower speakers, also known as freestanding or floor standing speakers, are one of the superior speaker solutions for your gaming audio system. These speakers are far greater than their little cousins, the bookshelf speaker. If you’re looking for a decent pair or setup of speakers for your needs, floor-standing speakers may be a better option than smaller speakers or a soundbar. Granted, free-standing speakers are more expensive because you have to buy a set, but the benefits of using such speakers will far outweigh their cost.

When building a sound system for your gaming setup, you should aim to cover as much of a sound spectrum as practicable. The more accurate audio is being played, the more significant and more extensive the sound system’s range can generate.

Floor-standing speakers like the KEF Q550 model are designed to be a complete and robust system. These speakers are more prominent in size and have more parts, allowing them to cover a broader range of sounds. The majority of floor-standing speakers are designed for stereo listening conditions with no other speakers in the system. With only two speakers, the outcome is a more comprehensive and well-rounded gamut.

Why Floor-Standing Speakers?

A competent set of floor standers will rapidly boost your hi-fi system’s performance and offer room-filling sound. Floorstanders, which have larger cabinets than bookshelf speakers, produce more scope, power, and bass. Nevertheless, a larger cabinet does not always imply better sound. You’ll still need to make an informed decision and select the best floor-standing speakers for your budget. Whether you have hundreds of dollars to spend, we’re confident you’ll find a pair of speakers that suit your needs.

Here are the five advantages of using floor-standing speakers for gaming and home set-up:

Enhanced Sound Depth

When it comes to freestanding speakers, there are a variety of sizes and setups to choose from. If you purchase a whole set of freestanding speakers, the audio quality that they can generate will be incredible. If you acquire a bunch of these many free-standing speakers combined, you will be blown away by the tones and sounds they could make.

You’ll become more attuned to the directional audio cues intended to provide a more vivid understanding of what’s going on in your surroundings as you sit down to play the latest first-person shooters, such as Apex Legends and Call of Duty. Machine gun emplacements can be heard over your left shoulder as if they were genuinely flying. The ‘crack’ of sniper fire from afar becomes more apparent. As you knock down a target helicopter, you’ll be able to identify the slight ‘whacking’ of a mine ready to explode. Then you’ll be able to sense every explosion and the unique ‘thump’ of your grenade launchers hitting your shoulder.

Impressive Style

The majority of freestanding or tower speakers are designed to be visually appealing. Having a free-standing speaker could be your best option if you’d like a speaker that looks stunning on its own. You may use this kind of equipment to embellish your home entertainment system, and your setup will look great. You must acquire a tower speaker if you want to dazzle guests not just with the audio quality of your speakers but also with their aesthetic.

The Engineering Design

Passive radiators—or front and backports—may be found for a few floor-standing speakers. Those ports also have low-frequency feeds, allowing the listener to hear the entire spectrum of the sound. Powered subwoofers are included in specific floor-standing speakers, which improve low-frequency performance even more.

Some audiophiles rely on a two-channel setup and spend the majority of their money on floor-standing loudspeakers. Most people will find that a good set of floor-standing speakers can provide them with a wide range of sound frequencies to meet their audio needs. The advantage of simply having a 2.0 or 2.1 system is that you save a lot of space in the listening zone because you don’t need any more speakers. You also won’t have to worry about running wires through awkward locations.

Exceptional Versatility

Tower speakers are recommended if you desire genuine surround sound with excellent audio quality for all forms of entertainment. These speakers, such as KEF Q550, are ideal for all types of media because they can create a wide range of sounds and audio. Tower speakers can effectively play whatever sound you want with no degradation in sound quality. They are capable of handling the audio of any games you may be playing on your console. They can also give more outstanding gaming audio quality.

Floor-standing speakers are a popular choice for streaming music, owing to their versatility and ability to handle high frequencies. They don’t require a stand or table, and they can accommodate numerous speaker drivers, allowing for a more comprehensive frequency range. As a result, they’re frequently chosen by music fans that prefer both vocals and speech in the middle fields.

Slim Design

Many speakers are enormous, making them difficult to set up or keep in a tidy state in your home and gaming entertainment system. Tower speakers used to look like amplifiers you’d see at a significant performance a few years ago. They are now slim and tall, rather than squat and wide. This means you can put them almost wherever in the setup, and they won’t take up much horizontal room.


Unless you want genuine surround sound, which will offer the highest audio quality for various media types, tower speakers are the most acceptable option. Such speakers are perfect for all sorts of media because they can produce a wide range of audio and sounds. Tower speakers can easily play any genre of style without compromising sound quality. They’ll take care of the audio for any games you’re playing on a console like the Xbox or PlayStation.


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