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3D and XR: The Future of Gaming

VR is revolutionizing the entertainment industry. Initially, 3D technology revamped how we used to experience movies. Now, we can feel the dinosaur up close or observe the spaceship moving alongside. People are also willing to spend money to experience something which was only a part of science fiction movies till now.

Game developers and publishers have been designing games that can be integrated with 3D and XR technology devices. Whether it is a first-person shooter game like Fortnite, role play game like Apex Legends or virtual gambling houses where you can also play slot online in 3D, XR seems to be the next future.

How gaming integrates with VR

3D and VR sets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Google Cardboard are thriving, but Ivan Sutherland invented a basic VR headset in 1960. He called it Sutherland’s HMD. For him, it was the ultimate display. Digital Trends saw it as the birth of AR.

However, the first attempt at creating a VR game was supported by Sega. Sega VR was never released because its developers believed it could hurt people while immersed in AR. They might be thinking it was a bad call. However, now the market is brimming with more sophisticated and realistic tech.

Pokemon Go

It was launched in 2016 and revolutionized the gaming world where people could engage with their physical environment. The game was simple. The application would send you a notification and make you believe that there is a wild Pokemon on the run that you have to capture.

Sandbox Virtual Reality Centre

Sandbox VR has many VR centers where gamers can go and experience their virtual avatar in VR. The company has established VR centers, and a group of 6 people at a time can become a part of a movie or a game. A headset and a suit are provided for an engaging and immersive experience. Otherwise, middle-class people can’t afford individual VR sets for personal use as of now.


Tesla suit is a full-body VR suit that offers five games. One of the games is even licensed by the famous movie series Star Trek. It used Haptic Technology. HT or Kinaesthetic or 3D touch is a technology that can make the user sense touch through vibrations, forces, or motion.

Star Trek Holodeck

CEO of Sandbox Steve Zhao compares Sandbox VR with the Holodeck. The Holodeck was a part of The Practical Joker; a Strat Trek animated series streamed in 1974. The Holographic Environment Simulator was depicted as a room for enjoyment where the visitor could experience an alternative reality. Here, visitors could interact with physical props that would appear to them as something that they had programmed.

Initially, 3D technology also witnessed accessibility issues because the devices allowing people to experience 3D were expensive. Gradually, it became affordable. Now, we have TVs to watch 3D movies at home.

Similarly, VR is in its nascent stage, and devices used in it are expensive and difficult to operate. It is reasonable to make it available for people at a dedicated venue for a charge that they can afford. In time, we would be able to have a holodeck at our homes. Some people might choose to live in holodecks as home, but instead of doing the renovation, they would change the programming of their Holodeck.

XR in Gaming

Extended Reality or XR is an amalgamation of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality. It has witnessed tremendous growth in 2-3 years. It is predicted that the XR market would penetrate many industries. According to market experts, the XR market was capped at $16 billion for 2019, and it is estimated to cross the $160 billion mark by 2013.

XR can generally be used in many industries like education, training, healthcare, business, etc. But the entertainment industry was the first to cash in the technology. Now, we have more than 2000 gaming apps.

According to IDC, AR and VR solutions would be pioneered by the commercial sector. If we talk about the spending globally, trends reflect that it would grow more than 80% in 2022. For 2019, the growth was recorded at 64.5%.

However, VXR Industry Insight Report 2019-2020 was published in 2019. VR Intelligence surveyed 750 VR professionals to understand the trends where XR would go. It reported as the realm of XR would increase, only 33% of XR professionals planned to keep working in the gaming industry. People from the corporate world were also interviewed. 88% of them believed that calibrating their business with XR had a positive impact.


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