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3 Amazing Travel Destinations in Hungary You Might Not Know Yet

Hungary is among the famous popular countries in Eastern Europe. The country is characterized by glittering cities, mighty castles, magnificent architecture, and stunning countryside. An exciting culture that blends naturally with history and fantastic food, transforming your travel into an incredible and unique experience you have never felt.

From Budapest, the magnificent capital city of Hungary, which is called the city of light, to various fantastic scenery and quaint villages, the country powerfully evokes a unique sense. Besides, Hungary has become the most prominent tourist draw in Eastern Europe. If you want to experience the feeling, explore the treasures and secrets of the country.

Here are the three best and most amazing travel destinations in Hungary you might not know yet.

3 Amazing Travel Destination in Hungary

Hungary has been strongly swayed by its conquerors, which showed in its remarkable and interesting tradition and culture. Therefore, it is necessary to explore the treasures and secrets of Hungary before you initiate your trip plan to this incredible country.

1. Budapest

In addition to being Hungary’s capital city, Budapest is also one of the country’s largest cities. It is stated that Budapest’s architecture represents the history of Hungary. In Budapest, visitors can experience the distinctiveness of Hungarian culture through its wide variety of hot water spas, from Turkish-era baths to modern public bathhouses.

Budapest is also well-known for its abundance of establishments serving authentic Hungarian fare, such as goulash, a specialty of the city (meet soup and vegetables). There are also different games spots like casino, table tennis, or any other game you might be interested in. Besides, you can get the best casino gambling site from online-kaszinó.com.

If you’ve decided to spend a few nights in Budapest, don’t hesitate to look into hotels in the city. Hotel prices in Budapest are comparable to those around Hungary, and some Budapest hotels stand out for their opulent art decor or spectacular views of the Danube River. Besides, Budapest is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities at night and Hungary’s most attractive cities overall.

2. Badacsony

Badacsony is a village, a mountain, and a region in Hungary. Even if it is your first trip to Hungary, you should have heard of it. Because of its proximity to Lake Balaton, its magnificent volcanic peak, and the abundance of vineyards dot the landscape.

It is highly advised that visitors to Badacsony rent a bicycle rather than drive about in a car because it is far more convenient and cost-effective. There are various hillside vineyards where you may sample the great local white wine and go for lovely excursions across the countryside.

Even though lava eruptions stopped millions of years ago, the butte is now home to fascinating geological formations known as “basalt organ pipes.” A unique grape variety is grown on its hills to manufacture the world-famous Badacsony wine.

Badacsony forms part of the Upper Balaton National Park. The park’s administration put in a lot of time and effort to create a pleasant and exciting geological-botanical-zoological nature trail. It has numerous beautiful lookout points and attractions, making it a great site to spend a whole day.

Despite its small size, Badacsony deserves a visit since it’s the only site in Hungary where you can drink wine from the country’s best vineyards while looking out over Lake Balaton.

3. Sopron

Sopron, also known as “Tiny Prague,” is a picturesque little town located on the Austrian border. Because Sopron is regarded as the most attractive town in Western Hungary, it should be on your list of places to visit in Hungary.

The town’s historic core is a popular destination for strolls at any time of day or night. It’s also a great spot to unwind with a hearty meal and a glass of the region’s world-renowned Sopron wine.

Consider taking a winery tour in Sopron, where you may sample some of the region’s most renowned white and red wines. Wines from Sopron have a unique flavor and sweetness that can’t be found anywhere else.


Hungary has something for everyone, whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or a culinary and wine connoisseur. This magnificent country offers it all, from lively nightlife in large towns to calm Roman baths. Choose your favorite great sites to visit in Hungary from the list above and include them in your itinerary.


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