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2020 Redragon Review: DRACONIC K530 and COBRA M711

Beyond the conventional functions of computers as tools for business and work-related purposes, they have also evolved as a form of entertainment that gave birth to numerous online games we are enjoying today. This also initiated the need to upgrade computer accessories to achieve optimal entertainment of these games. These include the keyboards and mice that serve as integral parts of one’s gaming system.

With this, we’ll save you from the trouble of finding the best ones available in the market by giving you a detailed look at the BEST keyboard and mouse now: the Draconic K530 and Cobra M711.

With our team of experts composed of IT professionals and professional online game players, we scrutinized the best features of the said accessories. Detailing each one’s five-star specifications, this review would help you spot how both items would give you the precision, comfort, and accuracy you need in each click.


Redragon has always been offering vast options of peripherals that never fail to surprise us. Now, the new Redragon Draconic K530 from Redragon hit the market again in a total boom receiving boatloads of positive feedback. Generally, it is a good bang for your buck as it offers the complete package of features you need such as:

Wired and Wireless Connectivity

The Redragon Draconic K530 sports a hybrid option for wired and wireless connection. This gives users the liberty to pick the most convenient mode for them whether it is for clutter-free and wireless use or for a good stable connection needed for game purposes.

Its wireless connection mode offers efficiency using the Bluetooth 5.0 connection which translates to seamless usage for hours using its 3000mAh long-lasting battery capacity. Generally, the Draconic K530 offers good versatility for wireless connection as it flawlessly connects to Bluetooth-capable devices such as laptops, tablets, and even phones.

This feature can be easily shifted to wired mode using the single click switch on the keyboard’s side. It uses an L type-C cable for wired connection which offers excellent efficacy of connection during competitive games.

RBG Illumination Builder and 60% Keyboard with Magic Functional Side-Print and Soft Bumps

The backlighting is one of the real assets of Draconic K530. It offers a total of 13 Dynamic presets and millions of color options and effects in the entirety of this keyboard. You can customize it and be the designer of your own keyboard with the Pro Driver allowing you to have a different user backlighting experience.

Complementing the minimalistic white-colored surface of its tenkeyless design, the colors vibrantly highlights and illuminates all its 61 keys arranged in a portable layout. The setup of the keys, on the other hand, frees up table space for mouse movement giving you wider space for mouse maneuverability.

Furthermore, the keys boast clear, concise, and readable side-printed characters for multiple function keys. They offer functional use in each push of buttons that are all soft-bumped, thanks to its tactile brown switches that are hot-swappable with other Redragon switches. Most of all, the switches are rated for 50 million keypresses which separate it from cheap ordinary keyboards that only offer 5 million keypresses. This makes it a great steal considering that it can last up to 10 years of use at a reasonable price.


Redragon has offered Cobra M711 an economical mouse option for PC gaming enthusiasts. It is lighter on the pocket but does not cut back on the features you need to enjoy high-end gaming. The Cobra M711 boasts of new and richer details when it comes to its sensor, switches, and RBG lighting with a price tag of just USD 19.99.

With this, here are some of the best and noteworthy points about the Cobra M711.

  • The Cobra M711 has an updated PMW3325 sensor which is one of PixArt’s top-tier optical sensors currently available. This enables it to take thousands of images per second or CPI.
  • It features optical button switches that are rated 10 million clicks lasting up to 10 years of casual use.
  • It offers an appealing precision at 5000 FPS / 100 IPS, 100-10,000 adjustable DPI optical sensor, a polling rate up to 1000 Hz, and 20 G acceleration. This prevents prediction/angle snapping or jittering of the cursor which mostly affects mice performance and quality. Furthermore, it uses Lightning Strike optical switches, which provides faster response and last longer.
  • The buttons of the mouse come in a gentle crisp clicking sound that is considerably better than the other conventional mice that sounds too irritating and loud.

  • Cobra M711 can adapt to any grip style, be it a claw grip or a palm grip. It is an ergonomically-designed mouse that will cater to both grip styles without any discomfort even for long hours of usage. It has a comfortable layout that prevents muscle fatigue and hard press buttons, giving you a smooth experience.
  • It showcases 16.8 million customizable color options and 8 RBG backlit modes that give users wider options for the look of the mouse.

Review Guide

Finding the right computer peripherals can be very challenging, given that there are countless options in the market that seem too tempting to consider. Nevertheless, there are specific boxes that you should tick if you want to get to experience a quality peripheral experience. That was why we gathered the opinions of various experts in this field to give comprehensive insights on what to look for in a computer accessory.

Durability. Always consider the lifespan of the product you are about to choose. Besides the concrete materials where the mouse or the keyboard is made of, it is important to look at the click or keypresses the accessory offers.

Commonly, computer companies produce typical mice that can only provide 5 to 20 million keypresses. This would only last for two to five years of use. That said, it is better to opt for peripherals that can give you 50 million clicks that is good for 10 years or more.

Ergonomic. Another thing on the list would be the built and overall layout of the mice and keyboard. This covers the size, texture, and shape of the accessory contributing to the comfort of the user. Say, for instance, the Draconic K530 is a portable, ergonomic, and space-saving keyboard that is very handy for those who despise the traditional huge keyboards that offer poor maneuverability.

Aesthetics. It is no doubt that the RBG lighting features of these Redragon accessories are truly impressive. They give us a vast option for illumination that will suit all types of preference among users. Most of all, the company uses this feature to offer additional functions to the said items. For example, the Draconic K530 has a battery status indicator feature that uses lighting colors wherein it changes from green to red depending on its battery percentage.


Redragon is a high-valued company offering all sorts of computers and peripherals that are graced with visually stunning features. This is why it is adored for its beautifully lit, colorful keyboards, mice, and other computer products. Nonetheless, beyond those things, their products offer great and quality performance which brought us to the review of the Draconic K530 and Cobra M711 2020.

Both products are being patronized by a great number of computer and online game aficionados not just because of their stunning external features, but due to their overall system and internal features.

The Draconic K530 and Cobra M711 2020, compared to other models in the market, are possessing comfortable clicking experiences that give you a solid feel with each push of a button. Furthermore, besides the variety of buttons offering specific and helpful commands, both are capable of providing precision and accuracy that are crucial for specific tasks.

With this, we hope that we have educated you with the best option there is the market by giving you an intelligent and comprehensive review of these Redragon peripherals. Beyond their beauty, you’ll surely enjoy the flawless and finest technological experience they bring at every single moment.


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