November 19

101 on which App you should use for some cash

A quick Google search will find tonnes of ways that suggest you can make some quick cash, but many can be misleading. Filling out surveys takes time, and often the rewards aren’t worth it. You could make and sell stuff, but if you’re looking to get into an oversaturated market like gift cards, then it can be tough to break through unless you’ve got a niche that attracts the masses. But there must be some ways of making money, right? Well, yes. Not all are going to have you swimming in a vault of money like Scrooge McDuck, but they can be a nice supplement to go alongside regular earnings or to help you get by and pay bills if you’re out of work.

So let’s have a little look at some apps that can help you make money.


This is an app that I only accidentally stumbled across this week. But it’s great if you’re an aspiring author or enjoy writing stories. Essentially, it’s an app that has several novels available for you to read. I’m currently going through The Charismatic Charlie Wade. It’s terribly written, translated from Chinese to English, so it doesn’t always make sense; for some reason, though, I can’t help but keep reading it. The way GoodNovel works is they bait you with, say, 20 free chapters of a book. Then, to keep reading, you use coins you can purchase or earn through visiting back daily or reading for certain periods of time. Because of this, GoodNovel will pay you for your written work.

There are multiple ways you can go about this, just by submitting your novels for people to read or by signing up to their Writer Well-Being Project. The Writer Well-Being Project aims to support writers who want to achieve a full-time writing career by offering monthly income. All you have to do is go Premium on your book, make sure to update it daily, and achieve monthly word requirements. There are currently 3 tiers; 40,000 – 59,999 words gets you $200 per month, 60,000 – 79,999 words gets you $300 per month, and over 80,000 premium words get you $400 per month—a great way to get a decent monthly income.

Betting Apps

For this way of making money, you have to have some capital to invest in. The idea is to invest your money by backing bets that will come in, rewarding you by returning your money, plus extra. The bigger the risk, the higher the reward. But unlike writing stories in GoodNovel, here you can lose money too. So you should only gamble if you can afford to take the hit because even the most dead certain bets can sometimes slip up. No one saw the Saints beating the Buccaneers 38-3 in the NFL last Sunday. For example, the odds at Intertops were at +135; it was a huge opportunity to beat the house. It’s always best to research what the experts say so your wagers are more informed, and you’re more likely to see big returns from your bets, but I assure you no handicapper saw this one coming.


Plum is a savings app. It takes money from your bank on payday and can round up your spending for the week and then put it into your Plum account. This can then be split between savings and investments. The savings earn 0.6% interest currently but is reducing to 0.55% this month. But that is still better than most savings accounts. As for investments, you can choose which sector to invest in, such as Technology. And Plum will invest your money into Tech companies or whichever funds you choose, and if they do well, your investments will go up. If not, you could lose money again, like with betting. It costs £1 per month to do this, as you need a Plum premium account. But it’s worth it if you take time and invest wisely. You can see big returns, but keep an eye on it as it can dip as quickly as it can peak.

Rounding up

So, we’ve looked at various apps that can help you make money, and completely different from those suggestions always found on Google. There will be plenty more out there, and who knows, maybe we’ll make another of these posts further down the line. Until then, why not check out the suggestions above and see if they’re just what you might be looking for to make a little extra money.


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