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10 Biggest Wins In Online Casino History

Online gambling has been around for long enough now that we have many stories of success. While it’s common for the average online gambler to make or lose a little money, we have stories where gamblers have won crazy amounts while sitting at their desks. You shouldn’t expect to be in their position anytime soon but it’s interesting and useful to look at these stories where online gambling changes people’s lives.

Naturally, if you’re here, you probably have ambitions of winning some money yourself. If you’re in the USA, you’ll need to make sure you’re in states where online casinos are legal. You don’t want to strike it big and then lose most of it to a fine or a legal stipulation that stops you from getting your winnings.

  1. The 24 Million Dollar Spin

Anybody who knows anything about gambling knows that slot machines aren’t worth the time. There’s often a steep house edge attached and, for some, a distrust of the site and the way it calculates spins. Sometimes it pays off and, just sometimes, it’s the largest sum of money that has ever been won through online gambling.

It happened when a Finnish man played NetEnt’s Mega Fortune in 2013. He won €17.8 million, which was $23.6 million back then, and somewhere around $28.1 million today. The spin cost him just 25 cents. The man is still anonymous today, which is probably for the best after winning that kind of money!

  1. Soldier Wins A $17.2 Million Jackpot

For our next gambling win, we go to Britain for a case that’s eerily similar to our first. In 2015, a 26-year-old British soldier identified as Jonathon Heywood played at a Betway online casino. So, where’s the similarity? He was playing the 25 pence-per-spin slots, another NetEnt property called Mega Moolah, with pence being the British equivalent to cents.

What did he get for that 25 pence spin? He turned it into £13.2 million, which was $17.2 million, and today – $20.1 million. Heywood recently talked to the media about his win, where he revealed he still works, used the money to financially secure his family, and “didn’t seem as excited” when he won, according to a Betway official who worked with him.

  1. Insomnia Pays Off

Insomnia is a terrible condition where you can’t sleep. It doesn’t need to be caused by a physical problem and, for many, it makes life that much harder. For one man, however, it changed their life when they were looking for something to do and found online gambling. We don’t know if it helped his insomnia at all but, well, it’s better than having insomnia and not winning millions of dollars, right?

We need to go back to Scandinavia for this one – Norway this time – where the insomniac played a few games at Betsson in 2011. Like our #1 story, he played the Mega Fortune slots and won, bagging €11.7 million. That was about $15 million back then and around $18 today.

  1. Another Scandinavian Win

In 2015, the same year that Jonathon Heywood won his jackpot with NetEnt’s Mega Moolah game, a man in Sweden did the same. We only know him as ‘Alexander’ and that they were 30 years old. We don’t know many details about his situation except that he bagged €8.5 million or $9.5 million, now $11 million with inflation.

  1. A Woman Wins $8.8 Million On iPad

In 2016, an anonymous player won the largest jackpot ever registered for a mobile device. All we know about them is that she played on an iPad at Zodiac Casino, she went by ‘D.P.’ and that, well, they were a she.

It’s often wise to stay anonymous after getting a lot of money, especially when you get it through a freak jackpot win where you turn €1 into 7.9 million of them. In USD, that was $8.8 million and would be around $10 million.

  1. Another Win At Betsson

Like that insomniac we talked about, Betsson Casino would make another player very wealthy after their Hall of Gods slot machine awarded them €7.8 million. That was $8.7 million then, $10.2 million now. Like with many winners, we know nothing else about them.

  1. Hall of Gods Makes Another Person Rich

Scandinavia seems to be a great place for online gamblers. In 2012, a woman from Sweden was playing the Hall of Gods slot game – this time hosted on Unibet Online Casino. She won €7.6 million, one of the biggest wins at the casino service. €7.6 million = $9 million at the time, now $11.5 million.

  1. A Greek Slots Addict Makes €6.3 Million

A self-confessed frequent slots player from Greece won €6.3 million in 2009, $8.6 million at the time, and around $11.1 million now. They were a 36-year-old business owner, so we’re sure he put the money to good use. It was the largest Microgaming win at the time and was facilitated by the River Belle Online Casino.

  1. An Aussie Wins $7.8 Million

Next, we finally leave Europe and head to the other side of the world, to the land down under. Midway through 2016, an Australian player who has remained anonymous won another jackpot from Microgaming. Having played at Spin Palace Casino, at a slot machine based on The Dark Knight, the player won AU$10.4 million or $7.8 million, $8.8 million in 2021.

  1. New Zealander Wins $7.4 Million

We don’t have to go far from Australia to find our next example of a massive online casino win. In New Zealand, a man called Rawiri Pou was playing a familiar game – Mega Moolah – hosted at Casinoland. It was 2016, the same year as our last win, and it made him NZ$10.1 million. In USD, that was $7.4 million, so $8.5 million now.

Rawiri had a more typical reaction than people like Jonathon Heywood, issuing a statement full of words like ‘can’t believe,’ ‘shock,’ ‘going to change my life,’ ‘overwhelmed,’ and ‘happy.’


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