January 16 2022

Why Quality Customer Support Is a Must-Have for a Legit Casino?

Online casinos worldwide come in all shapes and colors, but they all share the same principles that are not always visible to players and laypeople. In essence, a functional legit casino of 2022 is a complex ‘house of cards’ ecosystem – remove one component, and it all falls crumbling down, as the competitors rush in to give the gambler what it failed to provide. In this article, we’re taking a look at the customer support component – particularly, what the requirements are to qualify as ‘quality support’ and why lack thereof is perilous to any internet parlor.


Online casinos are getting a huge portion of traffic coming from portable devices. Whenever a person comes to play mobile casino slots for real money or fun, it’s essential that the means of communication connecting the player and the support team retain the quality available on the desktop. Switching between the casino and email app is definitely going to feel tedious, so it is a must to have at least one alternative way to reach out to the support. This prompts us to consider the next component, which is diversity.


Discarding the ‘old ways’ in favor of cutting-edge tech can be a grave mistake for any online casino. Internet gambling demographics clearly indicate that a good half of frequenters are aged 35 and older, and the interest towards exploring new means of communicating slowly wanes with age. It can only mean that, along with an instant live chat, it is a must to include the email option. Some casinos even go to greater lengths by providing their players with toll-free phone helplines, and you can rest assured the parlor is legit if it combines all three.


Building an efficient and responsive system of customer care is a cornerstone for casino support. The biggest issue here is balancing between ubiquitous and unobtrusive – that is, making sure the support team isn’t seen or heard until the need arises. The age of annoying pop-up chats is, thankfully, fading into oblivion – the player might not be a people person at all, so the first step is, naturally, providing them the means of solving the minor issues themselves. A tried and tested method implies providing an all-encompassing and easy-to-follow FAQ page on the website.


This one should be self-explanatory, but we’ve seen so many casinos do it wrong that we can’t help but mention competence, among other factors. Awareness of the support team is a two-sided issue, and it consists of being knowledgeable with the craft at hand, as well as knowing their audience. It doesn’t mean that the team must be staffed exclusively with industry veterans with years of experience behind, though – a quick-witted trainee with reference guidelines at hand who has mastered the very basics of customer communication ethics will handle almost any issue that the player might have.


Last but not least, we’re looking at another obvious component that is, sadly, often absent from online casino practice. What’s the use of all the communication channels if it takes ages to get a response? The logic behind sluggish customer care can be explained by the supposed intention to bring a complete and competent answer to the problem, and it’s fine in some regards. However, what this approach fails to consider is that the customer simply doesn’t care about the inner intricacies and how much time it can take to deal with something promptly.

If the issue takes time, the best strategy is to send rapid and appropriate signals to the customer to feel their problem has been recognized. The efforts of the support are directed towards handling it ASAP – it’s not the case when the presentation beats the product. Still, the proper presentation can and will take the customer care of an online casino to the next level.

Bottom Line

In the never-ending competition for audience, online casinos constantly seek new ways of attraction and retention, but sometimes it is worth looking back on what they already have and improving on that as well. Quality customer support, as this article hopefully demonstrated, is a multi-layered result of combining innovation and tradition, along with solid knowledge and psychological flexibility, and it is absolutely lethal for a legit online casino to ignore these principles while providing customer care.


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