October 26 2022

What is graphic card? What are its types?

Nowadays, technology is developing very rapidly, which means that more and more computing power is needed. In this way, it is possible to solve complex problems in a variety of fields, which makes people’s lives better every day. It is difficult to imagine that the current world functions without a computer. One of its components is becoming particularly important. What is a graphics card, and what types are there?

What is a graphics card?

In a nutshell, a graphics card is the component of our computer responsible for creating and displaying images. In addition, it supports the CPU and generally improves the performance of the entire computer.

It is also very often referred to as a GPU. This is the English abbreviation for the graphics processing unit. The two terms can be freely used interchangeably – despite the fact that, in theory, they do not mean the same thing. If we stick to rigid nomenclature, the GPU is part of the graphics card.

In terms of their very structure and operating principle, graphics cards are chips very similar to CPUs. Like them, they also process and handle data. However, there are some fundamental differences.
Graphics cards are specialized for a narrow range of calculations, while processors are much more versatile. However, as we know, it is impossible to be perfect in every field. GPUs are, therefore a very important addition to any computer setup. Nowadays, there is also the possibility of GPU server rental. This is a type of service that involves leasing computing power. In this way, a great deal of computing power can be obtained immediately when it is needed.

What is an integrated graphics card?

Integrated (built-in) graphics cards tend to be slightly weaker models that are not quite suitable for modern games. However, they are perfectly suited for multimedia, films, graphics programs, or even less complex games. They are most often used in laptops because of their very compact size.

The whole catch is that the embedded GPU is permanently installed in the motherboard and cannot be replaced. They are simply part of the processor and share some resources with it. How do we know if the graphics card in our laptop is built-in? The easiest way to find out is simply by its name – this will usually be Intel UHD Graphics or AMD Radeon Graphics. Having an integrated graphics card, it is good to know about GPU rental. It is a great solution for people who need a higher hash rate immediately.

What is a dedicated graphics card?

In opposition to integrated chips are the dedicated ones. These are special components created for users who need much higher performance. This time, we are no longer talking about a chip built directly into the motherboard but simply an additional component.

First and foremost, a dedicated graphics card is already equipped with its own processor and separate memory (VRAM). This allows it to achieve much higher performance without overwhelming the other components in the computer. Unfortunately, it is also worth bearing in mind that it requires significantly more power to operate and often needs its own cooling system. Nevertheless, if you are putting together a gaming PC, then this is the only right choice for you.

In conclusion, the graphics card is one of the most important components of a computer, so it is worth knowing what it is and what types of graphics cards it has. Nowadays, it is increasingly used to solve complex calculations. For this reason, lease GPUs are becoming an increasingly popular form of service, the demand for which continues to grow. It is, therefore, worth knowing what solutions are available and using them when necessary.


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Elle Gellrich