May 7 2023

Ways to improve your sex life using VR

The title of this article is written in a very suggestive manner, and for good reason. Virtual reality (VR) has been around and available to the general public for nearly a decade, yet its impact has not been as widespread and large as many had believed. However, the adult industry has become one of the most prominent promoters of technology. Today, the industry uses VR to attract customers and grow their business.

This article will take a deep dive into the world of VR and what the future might hold. Even if gaming has always been the main focus of advertisements and the like, more and more focus is being placed on alternative uses of virtual reality headsets, from stripchat to educational purposes.

Regardless of whether or not you own a VR headset, it can be interesting to get a feel for where the technology is currently and what the future might look like.

Gaming in VR hasn’t lived up to the hype so far.

One of the main issues with virtual reality is that there have not been enough interesting titles compatible with VR to entice a large enough user base to try their hand at VR and boost widespread adoption.

Sure, some titles have become popular, Beatsaber being one of the most striking examples. However, VR games tend to be hampered by different issues, and it can become cumbersome to wear the headset and swing the controls for longer periods.

The adult industry and its usage of virtual reality

Apart from gaming, the adult industry is now one of the main proponents and users of VR. This is something that its executives quickly figured out that they could tap into, and the development within the space has been rapid.

The adult industry has successfully attracted viewers and customers through VR, and nowadays, the competition inside the space is fierce. Plenty of websites around, like, are available to the general public.

The appeal of these videos and services in virtual reality is the same as in gaming: it can offer a much more immersive and personal experience than what would otherwise be possible. This may not be something that would entice someone to buy a VR headset outright, but it is something that those that already own a headset might be interested in.

VR has become incredibly popular amongst players of racing games and simulators.

One of the most common complaints when it comes to VR is the fact that movement inside games feels clunky and unnatural. Several attempts have been amending this, but nothing has worked perfectly so far. However, one genre where this ceases to be a problem is where the player model is relatively stationary.

Due to this, virtual reality has become incredibly popular in the genre of racing games and racing simulators. VR can increase immersion immensely and becomes a way for the player to feel even closer to the action than what would otherwise be possible.

Many of the users of VR for these types of games speak incredibly highly of it and the level of immersion it brings to their gameplay.

What’s stopping VR from breaking into the mainstream?

The price of a VR headset is one of the major obstacles that virtual reality and the companies pioneering the technology need to work on. Even if prices have become much more reasonable in recent years, many consumers simply can’t afford to spend that amount of money on an entertainment device that will likely not be used daily.

With the prices being as high as they are and the offerings of different games being as limited, many people would rather spend that money upgrading a computer or getting the latest console.

VR is also incredibly demanding on a PC’s hardware. To run the latest games at a smooth frame rate and without any latency issues, it’s exceptionally important to have a powerful and well-functioning PC.

Sony is leading the charge.

Even if the world of VR has been at a standstill in recent years, a development in the last couple of months has catapulted VR back to the forefront of many consumer’s minds.

Sony recently released the PlayStation VR headset available for PS5 users, and the reception has been very positive. PlayStation VR might just be the breakthrough that virtual reality needs due to the simple fact that it works extremely well and that it’s more affordable than some of the alternatives.

With plenty of titles working to make VR successful for their upcoming releases and Gran Turismo now offering a VR mode, the future for Sonys VR solutions looks bright.

Another massive upside of the PlayStation VR headset is that it’s only a matter of plugging it in and getting started. Those who own a PS5 don’t need to do any hardware upgrades or worry about whether or not their console will be able to handle running games in VR is beneficial from the consumer’s point of view.


Although widespread adoption of VR has been relatively slow, the future of VR still looks promising. Despite some special applications available, and even if it’s something that many people enjoy, mass adoption is still a way off from taking place.

However, nobody knows what the future holds, and VR has come a long way since its first public release. With technology continuing to move faster every year, some breakthrough in the VR space is likely just around the corner. For now, though, it seems like adult content such as VRstripchat and racing games continue to be the best usages of technology.


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