November 6 2023

Strategies To Win Your Online Hearts Game

Is there a formula for winning a Hearts game? While it may be true that there isn’t any winning formula as Hearts is a game of chance and luck – similar to casinos – and it will depend on what cards will appear from the deck, those who are saying such could be wrong. There is actually a winning formula to playing Hearts, especially if you know the right tactics to utilize.

Hearts is a popular card game playable via a built-in software on some computers. Remember the old Microsoft Windows computers with Solitaire and Hearts in the list of games? It was then even called Microsoft Hearts.

But nowadays, ironically, the newer Microsoft Windows PCs do not anymore sport the classic Solitaire and Hearts games from the past, so you’d have to look elsewhere if you want to play these games. Luckily, the Internet is providing an opportunity for you to enjoy these games and even better. Want to win your online Hearts game? This article will discuss the most ideal strategies you need to know and use.

General Strategies When Playing Hearts

1. Pay Attention To What Other Players Are Passing

Right here, we’ll tell you that you can already tell so much about the tactics the other player who passes cards to you is using just by looking at those cards. Should all three bear the same suit, chances are enormous that the player is building a void. To void is to have very few to no cards of a certain suit in their hand as the play commences.

If the other player is passing you only low cards, chances are, they are looking at Shooting for the Moon. Shooting for the Moon is when a player manages to take all the Hearts and Queen of Spades. Keep this strategy in mind, and always remember to play your tricks accordingly.

2. Use A High Card If You Intend To Take A Trick

Yes, and this is the most logical thing you can do. If there’s no chance for you to go under, at least throw your suit’s highest card. This leaves you with a slimmer chance of taking a trick from the same suit yet again.

3. Never Ever Lead With An Ace

This strategy holds true and valid, especially if the Queen of Spades has yet to come out. You will never know when a player has voided that suit and will hand you an unfavorable card. While leading with an Ace can make you win the trick, there are consequences that come along with this.

4. Get The First Heart

Sure, this may not sound like the best idea – at first – but when you apply this tactic, you can guarantee no other player will Shoot the Moon triumphantly. At times, two to three points are a negligible price to pay for safety. Hear ye, hear ye.

5. Void Clubs Or Diamonds As Soon As You Can

Doing so will allow you to focus on eliminating unwanted Hearts and Ace, King, and Queen of Spades. There you have it. You’ve learned about the general strategies for the game. How about the best tactics for passing cards? Read on.

Strategies For Passing Cards

1. Don’t Pass Spades

To understand this, consider this scenario. You void yourself out of any Spades so that you can slough unwanted cards when somebody plays them. Then, you get the Queen of Spades. That gives you an instant 13 points. So, try your best to keep as many Spades as possible. Aside from having a more vigorous defense when the Queen of Spades is passed on to you, you will have the great chance to bleed the Spades dry and push an opponent to play the Queen if you still do not have it.

But there are exceptions to this. If you have a few Spades, get rid of the Queen, King, or A in your hand. Why? They pose risks if you have them.

2. Never Ever Pass The Ace Of Hearts

This could either serve as a stopper for a player attempting to Shoot the Moon. Or, it could be a very valuable card when you are Shooting yourself. Even if you don’t have any other Hearts cards or suitable cards in your hand that can make you go Shooting, you must never ever give initiative to the other player.

3. This Time, Go Pass The 2 Of Clubs

So far, you’ve learned about the benefits of not passing Spades and the Ace of Hearts. Two don’ts. This time, you must go ahead and pass the 2 of Clubs. That card determines who will kickstart the play. And you don’t want that to be you because it is an excellent advantage if you actually win the very first trick. No penalty card could be played in it. Furthermore, if you are leading next, using this strategy will allow you to choose what suit to be played after that. If you have the 2 of Clubs in your hand, that won’t be possible.

4. But, Never Pass The Ace Of Clubs

The previous strategy brings us to this. As you’ve learned, winning the very first trick will position you to the best advantage. With the Ace of Clubs in your hands, this guarantees you will lead the second trick, and so you can steer the game in the direction according to what’s in your hand.

But there are exceptions to this. If you do not have several low cards to lead the second trick, there’s no incentive to win the first trick. In this case, passing the Ace of Clubs to the player on your left is best since you’ll play a card last in the following trick.

5. Pass The Queen Of Spades To The Player On Your Right Always 

Each time you pass cards to the player on your right, it is best that you hand them the Queen of Spades if you have this in your hand. You wouldn’t need to worry if you possess King or Ace of Spades (unless, of course, if they are the only Spades you possess).

6. Never Ever Pass The Queen Of Spades To The Player On Your Left

In other words, logically, you should never place yourself in a situation where the player after you has the decision when the Queen of Spades is played. Even if you do not possess high Spades, you risk them sloughing the card to you when another suit is played.

7. Also, Don’t Pass Your Last Club

Have a last Club in your hands? Don’t pass it unless you want the other players to learn your strategy. If you do, they’ll know you’ve voided your clubs, so they’ll adjust their game accordingly to win. Have at least one Club for the very first trick.

8. Don’t Pass Low Hearts

The moment a player breaks the Hearts, more often than not, the next trick will be Hearts. If you’re all out of low Hearts to go under, you’d be left with four points. And you’ll also be leading the following trick.

Strategize Well To Win Your Online Hearts Game

Hearts is fun and easy to play, whether you are playing it offline or online. Even if your kids tinkering with your tablet, laptop or PC discover Hearts, they can master the game quickly. However, sometimes, things can get really complicated, especially if you really want to win the game. Is there a jackpot waiting for you when playing Hearts with your friends? The more you’d be concerned about winning. So, to guide you on how to succeed, take heed of the strategies you learned above. ‘Til next time!


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