December 6 2021

Slot Machine Strategy: Best Way to Win on Slot Machines

Though slots are not the highest-paying casino games, there is a chance of winning with a magnetic gaming process. You need to design pokies winning strategy before starting to play to increase your chance to win. Winning online pokies real money is about chance. There are best slot strategy rules that work for all types of slots. Some games have secret tips for playing slot machines games that you can use to help your winning strategy. These guidelines and strategies help players optimize their winnings.

Slot Machine Tricks to Win

  • Find out the full information on how online slots work. Pokies terminology, rules, features, bets, types of bonuses, learn pokies tips. You need to know all the information about particular pokie machines tips before playing real money. Look at your paytable to understand the game. Information about bonuses and rules is also important when picking a preferred game.
  • Choose the right free slot play. Various poker machines differ in features, rules, and others. The best video machine has the right combinations, bonuses, limits, and RTP. Picking the best machine improves your chances of winning. Each casino slots tips and tricks has its own characteristics and advantages that are worth listening to.
  • Start to play free slots to find out certain free slot machine games work. Learning how to play slot machines, video pokies is crucial when choosing the best machine to play. You can do this by first playing for free. Play free pokies online, it allows you to learn paytables and game rules. You also learn how to activate specific game features, wilds, scatter, and others.
  • Start playing with smaller jackpots because it pays more often. This is another slot machine trick that you need to utilize to improve your winning odds. Start with small bets working your way up. You are to win smaller jackpots as you hone your skills.
  • Play with basic slots and use slot tricks. There are various types of real online pokies Australia that one can play, like classic, video, progressive jackpot, etc. It would be best, to begin with, basic machines as they are less complicated as you build your skill. Play demos online to determine how complex games are before investing money. Do not forget that it is important to be attentive to all the nuances so that you know how to win on slot machines every time.

Slot Machine Strategies: Progressive Jackpot

You can play progressive or non-progressive jackpot; these two types differ in cost. Online Australian casinos provide poker machines with bets starting from 0.10/ 0.20, which is ideal when playing on a budget. Ten bucks can go a long way by picking the best game with proper combinations of variance, RTP, and stakes. With $10 playing for 0.10 for each spin, you can play over 100 games if you lose each, something impossible to do. 30 seconds per spin with the same $10 can give you 50 minutes of fun on any machine. A fixed jackpot or non-progressive jackpot has the same amount which does not grow as you continue playing. They are either based on your wager amount or permanent cash prizes. It never changes its value no matter when or where it is won. Betting maximum bet when playing a fixed jackpot reduces your winning chances as you can spin 20x with the same budget. A bet failing to meet a progressive jackpots requirement eliminates winning chances. You should know to bet at the minimum amount to qualify for jackpots.

Online Slots Strategy: RTP Slot Machines

Finding games with high RTP or return to player is one of the tips players should follow when they want to increase their chances to win at pokies. RTP pre-determines your ability to win. A higher than average game RTP makes it possible for players to win fewer times than those with 95% RTP. Some games like Book of Dead do not have higher RTP, but they have other fantastic features offering rewards to players. Though not each successful software provider considers high RTP, it provides a good starting point for players new to best online pokies real money. High RTP does not always guarantee better winning odds, because it’s necessary to use an online casino slots strategy. Below are a few best online pokies with high RTP.

  • Big Red pokie machine – 97,04%
  • Lucky 88 pokie – 96.06%
  • Starburst slot – 96,10%
  • More Hearts pokie – 96,03%
  • Twin Spin slot -96,6%

Best Slot Machine Strategy: Volatility & Variance

Variance, volatility, or payout refers to how frequently slots payout and the amount they pay. A game’s variance affects players’ style and bankroll. Volatility should guide players to select a game that matches their gameplay and bankroll needs. Players can find information on the volatilities of chosen games online as paytables do not indicate this information. Check out all the details to know how to win on slot machines strategies. Below are the types of volatility you will find.

  • Low volatility. You can determine if a game has low variance by first looking at paytables. Overall winning combinations are relatively small, with low wins not covering your initial bet. They have a modest jackpot, rarely paying 50x the line bet. Finally, you can track any game’s pattern payout between 500 – 1000 spins. In low variance games, your bankroll rarely changes significantly.
  • Medium volatility. Medium variance slots balance between low and high payouts and low with high hit ratios. Though the risks may be higher than games with low variance, these games have better rewards as such games offer both low payouts and high payouts. You rarely experience unpleasant surprises when playing such the best online pokies Australia.
  • High volatility. Games with high variance offer low hit frequency. The multiplier symbols on paytables are a good indicator of such best paying online pokies Australia. You can also find differently stacked or expanded Wilds or ‘Wild Reels’. Getting these win combinations pays very well, unlike in low variance games. If paytables indicate higher than normal lower payouts with decent wins, you are playing a high volatility game, and you may get bigger wins. Keep a closer look at your bankroll between 500 to 1000 spins. A massive variance indicates you are playing a high variance slot game.

Best Slot Strategy: Understanding Paytable

You need to understand paytables to increase your winning chances. Real money pokies machines have timely information displayed in paytables. There are two types available: special symbols giving out payouts and special symbols that activate bonus features. Find all this information on any game’s paytable. It will also show symbol combinations and specific instructions, affecting your bankroll in the long run.

  • Scatter: This symbol can trigger free spins rounds, give high payouts, or both. You need to land three or more on the grid to activate rewards. It often offers the highest game payout.
  • Wild: They increase your winning chances and can substitute any symbol. Some slots have wild symbols with high payouts, and others have a special effect, like expanding wilds and stacked wilds increasing your winning chances.
  • Multipliers: They multiply winning values, increasing the amount you win on a slot. Sometimes they are attached to wilds or scatters.
  • Bonus symbol: They trigger bonus features to win cash prizes or progressive jackpot features. Landing a minimum number of symbols on paylines activates this feature.
  • Standard symbol: Landing enough of these symbols on paylines earns you a payout. Winnings depend on bet size, symbol rate, and the number of symbols.

Casino Slots Strategy: Bonuses Features

Casinos provide bonuses to attract new players. Though some may have restrictions, they are a good place to start. Some bonus restrictions include winning limits, time, and others. Players can go through the casino’s terms and conditions for information on these restrictions. That said, players can take advantage of bonuses offered to improve their winning strategy. You can use free cash to play before depositing money. It allows you to try out new games before investing money. Below are some bonus features you can use as the casino slot machine tips to win.

  • Free spins. Signing up for some online casinos can give you free spins online pokies. This feature is mostly available for real online pokies, slot machines. Additionally, it is used when promoting new games. You may need to meet certain requirements for you to receive this bonus.
  • Bonus rounds. Players can also receive free playtime. These bonus rounds are added to your playtime when you meet certain requirements.
  • Welcome bonus. Many casinos provide welcome bonuses for new players. Some casinos provide 100% or 200% bonuses for signing up. Players need to deposit a particular amount to activate this bonus. They also come with wagering requirements available when you read through the site’s terms and conditions.
  • First deposit bonus. Many casinos provide players with bonuses for depositing a certain amount into their accounts. Sometimes, they can match the amount a user deposits or give 50% of the amount deposited.
  • No deposit bonus. It is a useful marketing technique that provides new players. When you register to an online casino, you can receive a pre-determined amount into your account. This amount differs from one casino to another, and you can use the amount to play various games. Though there may be wagering requirements, you can take advantage of this amount to improve your skills. Read reviews, reviews to understand tricks to win on slot machines at casinos.

Tricks to Winning on Slot Machines: Learn Paylines

Winning slot machines require you to learn paylines. Reducing the number of paylines reduces your rate of hits. The hit frequency decreases when you reduce paylines numbers. Players need to play with maximum lines for increased winning chances. Normally, winning a jackpot requires you to trigger all paylines. With that in mind, the number of paylines you choose depends on you and your bankroll.

Many new video slots have fixed paylines meaning you cannot adjust them to your liking; you can only play and gamble with all of them. Playing with a limited payline means the symbols won’t pay if they land on a line that is not activated. Learning all the nuances will help you get one step closer to success and know how to win at slots.

Tips on Playing Slot Machines: Min VS Max Bet

Betting max refers to the maximum amount you can bet on each machine’s spin. Various modern machines come with a fixed bet max button making it easier for players. Best slot machines to play with individual or progressive jackpots reward max bets, with some real money pokies only paying a jackpot for maximum bets. Non-jackpot payouts are also high if you play with maximum bets. It can also reward you with free spins or bonus rounds. Though maximum bets have high payouts, they may not increase the odds of winning. This is because machines generate results randomly based on their programming. Additionally, your bankroll may not last long when playing with maximum bets for each play when on a tight budget. All tips on winning slot machines are based on player experience, which is why they have different variations.

Online Slot Tricks: Grow Your Wagers

Another strategy for winning these games is to increase your wagers gradually. Many players assume they need to put something in to get a payout. Players need to change up the initial wager with small increments over time. Many players start with small bets and increase it slowly as they play, hoping that the slot will have warmed up, thus increasing its payouts. It is a speculative assumption, and no hard evidence proves this theory. If you are on a winning streak, you can increase your wager to see how the game goes.

Online Slots Tips and Tricks For Best Games

Players can’t predict who wins online casino pokies due to RNG or random number generators. RNG software is a complex system generating millions of possible results per second for the game even when no one is playing. As a result, it reduces the game down to chance as a random result is chosen even when the reels appear to be spinning. There are many best ways to win at slots or online pokies no deposit bonuses, following which you will get success.

Buffalo Slot Machine Tips

The Buffalo Aristocrat online pokies free has a non-progressive jackpot. This 5 reels and 40 paylines game has a 0.4 minimum bet and 125 maximum bets. It has a North American with a 94.85% RTP with a medium variance. It also features scatters and wild symbols, increasing your winning chances. Players can enjoy up to 20 free spins with wilds with a 27x multiplier. There are various best pokies in this slot that you can enjoy. They include Buffalo, Buffalo Gold, Buffalo Deluxe, Buffalo Stampede, Buffalo Grand, Thundering Buffalo, Buffalo King, Buffalo Diamond, and many others. Due to the special features in each, the slot winning tips and strategies also vary. Below is some Buffalo gold slot machine strategy to win: minimize risk by choosing small bets with increased winning frequency. Use a higher multiplier and play a few lines. Take advantage of bonus rounds and free spins, useful tips for playing Aristocrat Pokies.

Tomb Raider Slot Strategy: Casino Slot Tips

Microgaming released Tomb Raider in 2004. It has 95.22% RTP with 5 reels and 15 paylines. Players can join Lara Croft in search of treasure. Tomb Raider Logo represents wilds, Lara Croft symbol is the scatter, and Idols represent bonus cards. You need to combine three symbols to win or activate special features. These online pokies Australia free spins game comes with 2 free spin features, and uncovering hidden treasures can win you a cash prize or enter you into the ‘Shootout Bonus’ feature: Use a collection of low-value and high-value symbols with small money payouts to contribute to a big win. Use the free game version to practice free spin rounds so that you better understand the gameplay and rules. Play with up to 15 paylines which increases your winning combinations in the online pokies real money no deposit. Use the + or – button to set or alter your stake for each spin. Before starting the game, it is worth learning tips and tricks for slot machines in order to get guaranteed success.

Walking Dead Slot Machine Tips

Walking Dead pokies is based on a TV series following a zombie apocalypse. Aristocrat creates a dark, fearful storyline capturing the intended audience’s attention. This 5 reels game has 4,096, and it features 2 different wheels: Atlanta and CDC wheels. Three scatters activate the bonus game where you need to spin the wheel until it lands on CDC. This CDC bonus awards credits, a multiplier, and more spins. Know all symbols indicated on reels, take advantage of free spins and bonus games to increase your winnings. Make small bet sizes in the pokies online real money Australia – it is the best way to win on pokies.

Pokemon Slot Machine Tips: How Do You Trick a Slot Machine

This free pokies online Australia by Spadegaming offers players a chance to choose their preferred paylines with over 243 ways to win. The maximum and minimum coin sizes are also adjustable from 0.01 to 2 with a limit of 5 per bet line. It comes with auto spin features allowing payers to play for 5 to 20 consecutive spins. You may cancel them at any time during gameplay – it is one of the best slot machine tips and tricks. Squirtle is your highest paying symbol at 500 coins, with the least valuable character paying 20 coins. The free online pokies real money Australia also has a progressive jackpot. Play at the bottom right for increased chances of getting a winning combination. Make use of 3 credit rolls for its increased chance of winning. Continue playing free online pokies with free spins no download n even if you start winning. End a session if you start to lose normally after winning 100 0r 300 credits in one spin.

Resident Evil Slot Strategy: Tips for Slot Machines

Resident Evil is a 5 reels 20 pay-lines video slot from PartyGaming. It features characters from a famous movie, and it contains a wild symbol and three bonus games. This game’s logo represents wilds; umbrellas – scatters. Other symbols include the chests and herbs. You can shoot various enemies with three or more scatter symbols, earning you a prize. Keep killing your enemies until you meet their boss and kill him too. Finish four bonus missions, choose a medium bet as the game has high volatility with 95.09 RTP. Play from both left to right and right to left in the online pokies Australia real money no deposit.

Call of Duty Slot Strategy: Tips for Winning at Slots

Call of Duty Australian online pokies by Playtech is based on a video game under the same name. It has 5 reels and 25 paylines with a maximum bet of 25 coins. It has a 5000 coins jackpot where you can win by playing extra wilds and free spin bonuses. The real money pokies focus on war and conflict themes like the video game. Symbols include a Soldier, which represents wilds, crosshairs, a grenade, gas masks, assault rifles, ammo clips, flash grenades, and card icons. The Call of Duty logo represents scatters. Spinning 3 or more scatter symbols triggers bonus rounds where a player can earn a bonus by killing an enemy using a headshot. Save and set a limit when you start playing to see how many credits you will lose before reloading a save. Make small bets as this Australian pokies online free has a non-progressive jackpot. This game’s unique feature is that it does not end when reels stop spinning. A spin grenade can come flying onto your screen, or a soldier can plant a mine at the end of every spin. Extra wilds can be added onto reels if a grenade or mine explode.


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