December 23 2022

OSRS AFK Money Making Guide

This guide contains AFK low to mid level PVM money-making methods in Old School Runescape. The easiest and quickest way to get gold is by buying OSRS Gold at Rpgstash, but if you want to farm yourself, here are your opportunities:

Low-Level Methods

1. Killing Temple Spiders

Temple spiders are low-level mobs that reside in the Forthos dungeon. They are aggressive towards the player, so they are a perfect candidate for leaving your auto to retaliate on. Depending on your level, either bring the best defensive armor you can or bring the best prayer bonus gear you have and use protection from melee to afk these monsters. If you have the level to do so, bring high-level alchemy runes.

You will be mainly looking for these drops:

  • Adamant longsword
  • Adamant med helm
  • Rune dagger
  • Rune med helm
  • Any rune drop
  • Herbs: avantoe, ranarr weed, kwuarm, cadantine, lantadyme
  • Seeds: snapdragon, torstol, ranarr, toadflax, snape grass
  • Red spiders’ eggs
  • Coins
  • Grubby key

GP/H: 100K – 180K

2. Killing Undead Druids

In the same dungeon, there is another aggressive mob called Undead Druid, which is another mob perfect to afk for lower levels. For this, you will need to have 37 prayers to use protection from mage. You will have this prayer turned on at all times to avoid taking damage but don’t worry, there is a nearby altar that can restore your prayer, so you don’t have to spend money on prayer potions.

Ranged is the best style to use against these monsters, as they will only use magic attacks from afar. If you have the item Salve amulet (ei), it will boost your damage and accuracy a lot in this place, but it’s not necessary.

Bring your high-level alchemy runes if you have the level to cast the spell.

Items to pick up:

  • Air & Earth battlestaves
  • Mask of ranul
  • Any rune
  • Herbs: Ranarr, avantoe, kwuarm, cadantine, lantadyme
  • Seeds: snapdragon, torstol, ranarr, toadflax, snape grass
  • Any noted item: eye of newt, potato cactus, white berries, wine of zamorak
  • Coins
  • Grubby keys

GP/H: 150K – 200K

3. Killing Ents

After level 60 woodcutting and %75 Hosidius favor, you will gain access to the woodcutting guild and its dungeon. In this dungeon, there are ents that you can kill by either safely spotting them or using protection from melee. Using range is recommended for this method, and don’t forget to bring an axe with you, as you will be cutting them after you kill them to get your loot.

GP/H: 250K – 300K

Mid-Level Methods

1. Killing Dust Devils

For this method, you will need 65 slayers. Head to the Catacombs of Kourend and make your way to the dust devils. You can attack all the devils one by one, then leave your character afk with auto-retaliate on. To tag all the monsters quickly, it is recommended to bring a lot of low-tier darts. In terms of your armor, the best thing to wear is a high prayer bonus armor. Also, don’t forget to wear your facemask or slayer helmet. It’s highly recommended that you bring high-level alchemy runes as well. Most of the drops you are going to be getting from dust devils are alchables.

Items to pick up:

  • Alchables: Rune dagger, red d’hide vambraces, all staves, dragon dagger
  • Dragon chainbody
  • Any runes and arrows
  • Herbs: Ranarr, avantoe, kwuarm, cadantine, lantadyme
  • Ancient shards, dark totem base, middle and top

GP/H: 200K – 300K

2. Killing Blue Dragons

After completing the “Watchtower” quest, you gain access to a cave full of blue dragons and safe spots. You can pick any ranged weapon you would like to use and safe spot the blue dragons there. For banking, use a ring of dueling to teleport to castle wars. Alternatively, if you have 70 agility, you can kill the blue dragons that reside in the Taverley dungeon, as there are multiple safe spots there as well. Any range level above 50 is fine do this. Obviously higher your range, the higher your hits and the more money you will make. Also, you don’t have to waste high-tier bolts for this, broad bolts, mithril bolts, or even the usage of dorgeshuun crossbow is fine. Items to pick up:

  • Blue dragonhide
  • Dragon bones
  • Rune dagger
  • Nature runes

GP/H: 250K

3. Killing Vyrewatch Sentinels

To do this method, you will need level 38 slayer and the completion of the quest “Sins of the Father.” This monster is perfect for afking. First of all, mobs are standing near an altar which completely cuts the prayer potion cost from the method. You can simply use any prayer you wish and restore your points to full anytime you want. Secondly, there is a bank near the vyrewatches, which makes the banking time obsolete and also allows you to pick up all the drops. Their main drop is blood shard which is currently 5.8M in the grand exchange.

GP/H: 700K

4. Killing Basilisk Knights

To do this method, you will need to complete the quest “The Fremennik Exiles.” A high range level is recommended as you will be using ranged from a safe spot. Bring your best prayer/ranged gear, and don’t forget your mirror shield. You will be keeping your protection from magic prayer on at all times as they make magic attacks from a distance. They drop a lot of alchables, so bringing alch runes will extend your trips. These monsters can drop the basilisk jaw, which is currently valued at 18.2M. This monster is even better when killed on a slayer task as it lowers the jaws drop rate significantly. Because of this, your gp/h changes drastically depending on if you are on a slayer task or not.

GP/H: 300K


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