July 26 2022

Moore Threads is about to become the fourth largest GPU maker in the world

Moore Threads, China’s first domestic GPU graphics card be self-developed by a company. The technology and services offered by Moore Threads GPUs are provided to corporate clients in a broad range of industries, including gaming, the creative industry, and artificial intelligence, among others. GPUs are often intended to expedite the rendering of 3D graphics. This allows for the creation of more engaging visual effects and more realistic sceneries by utilizing more complex lighting and shadowing techniques. Workloads in high performance computing and deep learning are sped up as a result of their use.

Moore Threads Basic Information

Moore Threads will be the fourth largest GPU manufacturer in the world. The majority of the company’s core engineering team came from Nvidia. Other companies, such as Microsoft, Intel, Arm, and others, were also headhunted for the engineering talent that makes up the company’s roster. The company’s website does promise to double the number of concurrent threads every two years, which makes the use of the name Moore Threads more than just an odd naming choice. The first domestic manufacturer of graphics processing units (GPUs) in China produces Moore Threads products to compete with Nvidia and AMD.

Moore Threads Agent UNIXCLOOU introduces.

Unixcloud’s primary focus is on industrial applications of cloud computing, accelerated computing, edge computing, big data, and artificial intelligence. It is the best Moore Threads Agent Offer software and hardware solutions of high quality. The 2&4 Ports 10Gpbs SFP+ Network Card with Mucse’s independent intellectual property rights was released by Unixcloud. It has a fully integrated 10 Gigabit Ethernet media access control (MAC) module and a physical layer (PHY) module. It is used a lot for network communication and on PC servers, network security, embedded devices, and other network devices.

Moore threading product family

Moore Threads MTT S60

Moore Threads MTT S60 PK NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 is the first desktop graphics card. This graphics card supports all 3D application programming interfaces (APIs) that, and the first Moore Threads GPU are available for the PC, including Direct3D (12), Vulkan, and OpenGL (4.6), as well as OpenGL ES. The graphics processing unit (GPU) is produced using a manufacturing technique of 12 nm and is modelled after the MUSA architecture. Moore Uniform System Architecture, or MUSA for short, is a uniform system architecture that has been adopted by the Moore threading product line.

Moore Threads MTT S1000M

Moore Threads MTT S1000M PK GeForce GTX 3060 uses a 12NM process, has 1024 MUSA cores, and can do up to 2TFlops of single-precision computing. It has 32GB of video memory, supports H.264, H.265, AV1, multi-channel HD video encoding and decoding in H.265, VP9, VP8, MPEG1/2/4, AVS2, and other formats, and can handle up to 8K resolution. MTT S1000M is a single-slot PCIE card with half the height and half the length. It is best for video situations. It gets rid of heat by itself and uses no more than 35W.

Moore Threads integrates Moore Threads’ first-generation intelligent multimedia engine MT Smart Media Engine for MTT S1000M, which can speed up different audio and video applications in the cloud and on the edge, such as security intelligence, and video conferencing, live VOD, cloud gaming, cloud desktop, etc. Moore Threads MTT S1000M works with X86, ARM, and other CPU architectures, as well as the most popular Linux operating systems.

Moore Threads mtt S10

Moore Threads mtt S10 pk AMD RX550 has 1024 MUSA cores, 2TFLOPS single-precision floating-point computing power, 2GB low-power high-speed video memory, and 4K ultra-high-definition display.

MTTS10’s MUSA architecture delivers superb 3D rendering. It supports OpenGL, OpenGLES, Vulkan, and WebGL-based online 3D rendering. It can improve CAD sketching and GIS scene browsing. MTT S10 is compatible with X86, ARM, LoongArch, etc. CPU architectures and Linux operating systems.

Moore Threads MTT S2000 

Moore Threads MTT S2000 PK NVIDIA Tesla T4 uses a 12NM process, 4096 MUSA cores, 32GB of video memory, and 12TFlops of single-precision computing power, H.264, H.265, AV1 multi-channel HD video encoding and decoding, and AI model computing power acceleration. MTT S2000’s passive cooling, single-slot architecture meets data centre GPU density requirements.

Moore Threads MTT S2000 is compatible with X86, ARM, and major Linux operating system distributions. It has begun working with service partners to adapt to OEM manufacturers’ general-purpose server and GPU server models, which can be deployed in different hardware and application contexts.


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