January 1 2023

Moissanite vs. Diamonds: What’s the Difference?

Following the increasing use of moissanite in predominantly diamond applications, people are torn between these two precious gemstones. For a long time, they were accustomed to diamonds. However, the introduction of moissanite to the industry left many asking, “What is moissanite?” This is an important question to guide buyers’ choice between diamond and moissanite.

So, what is moissanite, and why is it often confused with a diamond? Moissanite is among the most sophisticated gems on earth. Just like diamonds, they are not easy to find. However, man has succeeded in making it in the lab. Henri Moissan, a French Scientist, discovered moissanite in 1893 from a meteorite. To this day, moissanite is readily available in synthetic form and used in various industrial applications.

What makes Moissanite Different from Diamonds? 

Upon testing in the laboratory, moissanite exhibited closely matching qualities to those of diamond. Initially, people thought they had found another diamond version. However, they proved that this was Silicon Carbide (SiC) and not pure Carbon, as with diamonds. Further, here are the differences discovered between these two amazing gems: 

  • Fire and Brilliance

Gemstones are known for their sparkle and glow, especially diamonds that have been on the market for a long time. However, moissanite has exhibited a better shine than that a diamond. Therefore, here is one area where we have noticeable differences between diamond and moissanite.

Moissanite has a higher refractive index than diamond hence the reason for their difference in glow. However, they all shine well for use and application, especially in the jewelry industry. 

  • Price and Affordability 

Most of the diamonds you will find in the market are mined. Therefore, it costs more to buy diamonds because they are rare. This is unlike lab-grown moissanite, which is now easy to make and readily available for various uses. For that reason, to buy your moissanite will only cost a fraction of the diamond price.

  • Hardness and Longevity

Based on the Mohs scale of hardness, diamond has superior hardness compared to moissanite. However, the difference is not that significant. Whereas diamond has a hardness score of 10, moissanite comes close with a hardness of 9.25. As a result, both gems will last long because they are durable enough. However, diamonds will beat moissanite on longevity considerations. 

  • Mass and Weight 

All gemstones have their specific mass and weight. Therefore, this is an important area to compare moissanite to diamond. From lab measurements, silicon carbide, moissanite, weighs less than diamond. This means that moissanite has a lower specific gravity and density than that diamond. Therefore, moissanite is better for lightweight application and use compared to diamonds. 

  • Gemstone Clarity 

The quality of gemstones to be free from inclusions is known as clarity. This is an important quality to consider when searching for beautiful gems and jewelry pieces. So, how does moissanite compare to diamonds in this area?

Due to the lab-growing possibilities, manufacturers have produced perfect moissanite free from inclusions. In that case, they will be perfect in appearance. As a result of improved procedures, moissanite has more clarity than naturally occurring diamonds. 

  • Gemstone Shade and Color 

Color is a key quality in all gemstones. Just as with other stones, diamonds and moissanite have different and unique color shades. It is an important consideration when it comes to the grading of gemstones.

Diamond is mainly available in colorless and “near-colorless” qualities. However, moissanite exceeds these two color variations. With moissanite, you will get colorless, near-colorless, and yellow-green versions.

  • Sizes and Shapes 

Moissanite is available in different sizes and shapes. Therefore, it will give you room to work out custom designs for your use, unlike diamond, which is available in shapes formed underneath the Earth’s crust. Therefore, it is easier to work with moissanite than a diamond.

Final Thoughts 

You are not alone if you get confused by choice between diamond and moissanite. These two gemstones have superior qualities that anyone would love to have. However, they still have their unique characteristics, which makes them different. Therefore, use this guide to pick between them, knowing that moissanite will give you diamond-like qualities at an affordable cost.


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