August 23 2019

Merax Gaming Chair Review: Deal or Fluke?


Key features

Material: Pu Leather
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
Dimensions: 28 x 28 x 53 inches
Item Weight: 50 pounds

Pros & Cons

  • Extremely Adjustable
  • Lumbar Cushion Included
  • Very Sturdy
  • More Expensive than Alternatives
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They say that “the one who seats well, plays well”. If you are gaming on a console, this is usually not much of a bother. However, with a gaming rig, it’s a whole different story. Get the gaming chair wrong, and you’ll have to deal with fatigue, head, neck, and back pain. You also run the risk of spinal realignment, especially if you get sucked into the nuanced and lengthy storyline of Civilization VI, one of our favorite turn-based strategy games.

The best solution to most, if not all the issues mentioned above, are ergonomic chairs. They can be quite pricey, but gamers prefer them as they have various benefits, and the chairs are made from high-quality materials. However, the price point is usually a huge reason why most gamers or modern office workers who sit for long hours shy away from them.  Now, I know of one that isn’t expensive…

The Merax gaming chair is an absolutely astounding chair for its price point. It is moderately easy to assemble, highly durable and has a good spacious feel to it. These comfortable high back gaming chairs were designed to improve your overall gaming experience. Long gaming hours? Not a problem…

These gaming chairs are ideal for marathon gaming sessions. Unlike other budget-friendly gaming chairs, it has an exclusive luxury racing design that enhances the comfort and aesthetics level of the chair. These chairs are not only ideal for gaming, and they work well as study chairs for office use. Let’s take a closer look at the features, design, and performance of this chair to help you decide if it’s the best option for you.


Merax built this chair to grab the attention of gamers in the market shopping for a chair. Its choice of colors – red, blue, purple, yellow – ensures the chair stands out from the crowd. The vibrant color choices also make for a visually striking appearance, as expected from a gaming chair.

Merax Gaming Chair PU leather and smooth glide swivel casters

Merax made a smart choice with the sort of material they used when constructing the chair. The chair is made using PU leather and mesh fabric, which makes it easily cleanable.

It also means it’s breathable, making it more comfortable for your skin when seated for long hours. The chair weighs about 50 pounds, enabling it to comfortably hold the weight of most users – unless you are some Yokozuna in the making. Its spacious proportions of19.6” x 20.1” for the seat and 22.6” x 33.4” for the chair back also means that this is some spacious gaming chair, and most gamers won’t feel inhibited while seated.

It’s a thick and padded arm pillow, and its large backrest not only offers great coziness but also works perfectly for getting into a comfortable position when taking a break. The 360-degree swivel rotation also makes it easy to game or work with, upping your mobility by 10x without breaking a sweat.

Merax Gaming Chair Ergonomic Design and Comfort

The best part – it’s a lumbar cushion. Most affordable gaming chairs usually don’t include lumbar cushions. Which makes this chair a great steal for any discerning gamer as the lumbar support plays a great part in keeping your spine aligned and healthy.


The Merax gaming chair gets it right ergonomically. Its armrests are easily adjustable based on your preferences and supported by its perfect contoured design, make it an ideal chair for gamers who spend an extended period playing or those who spend long hours working. Combined with a high-quality ergonomic keyboard, the Merax gaming chair will make your work/gaming marathons much more pleasant.

Its well-padded seat and backrest can be cleaned with ease – and best of all – is also fade-resistant soft leather. The thick padded armrest leaves you feeling you are plunked in some of the beds you would find in a 5-star hotel room. The quality of the materials also feels and looks great.

Merax Gaming Chair size

The adjustable lumbar pillow and headrest pillow allows the Merax gaming chair to accommodate gamers of different heights and varying comfort requirements. The swiveling casters also mean it can roll across floors of any type – unless you got craters on your floor. Finally, its pneumatic height adjustable gas lift lets you quickly find the perfect position to keep you upright and cozy.


The Merax ergonomic gaming chair was built for one thing only -performance. If you need an affordable, comfortable, and high-performance chair for those lengthy gaming sessions, then the Merax is the chair to buy. You can find it on our list of the best gaming recliners as well.

Its unique racer design ensures marathon gaming sessions or working hours are handled stylishly and comfortably. The aesthetic value of the design has also helped cement the chair’s popularity among businesses and gamers.

Are you seated for long periods during the hot summers? The PU fabric enables the chair to deal with this effortlessly – Its breathable and durable qualities mean your pants don’t get sticky and uncomfortable. This feature is a favorite amongst tons of gamers.

Merax Gaming Chair headrest support pillow

For every gamer, the ability to recline at least 180 degrees in a chair is an amazing feature to have. Most gamers don’t just play games on their computers; they work, stream movies, or just relax and take a nap. And, of course, not everyone wants to sit a 90-degree angle when gaming or actively using their computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a hardcore gamer or simply looking to get a chair you can use easily while working, ergonomic chairs are a MUST consider when shopping around. Picking the right chair not only makes gaming or working easier, but it also comes with numerous health benefits. Here are some important questions you should consider when buying a Merax gaming chair…

How easy is it to assemble the Merax Gaming Chair?

The Merax gaming chair is quite easy to assemble. You don’t need any special tools to put the chair together, and one person can get the chair assembled in no time. However, you might experience some issues with screws aligning – which is a common issue with most self-assembled chairs. To mitigate this, ensure all the screws are in place before you start to tighten them fully. That way, the chair screws together very easily.

Is the Merax chair strong enough to carry heavy people?

While the Merax chair has dimensions that make it spacious for most gamers, it might struggle with those who weigh above 200 pounds. You can stretch it to 225 pounds, but that’s at the risk of reducing the lifespan of the chair. If you weigh above 225 pounds, it would be great to get chairs built specifically for larger people. That way, you get the most longevity out of the chair.

Merax Gaming Chair seat

How easy is it to clean the Merax gaming chair?

The chair is made with polyurethane leather, which like every other synthetic leather, is quite easy to clean. Liquid absorption in cases of spills is non-existent, and all you need do in cases of spills is wipe clean with a damp towel.

How far can the backrest recline?

The backrest of the chair can recline as far as 180 degrees, which makes it perfect for comfortably taking a nap between working or gaming sessions.


The Merax gaming chair is a great deal considering the ergonomic benefits you get from using the chair. While it might be a tad limited compared to some of the best gaming chairs out there, its price point makes it a great steal. If you are operating with a restricted budget but you plan to get a robust, aesthetically pleasing gaming chair, this chair should solve that problem nicely.

The Merax high back is a comfortable gaming chair, and the recline option sets it apart as one of the best affordable chairs out there in the market.


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