March 4 2021

How Online Gambling has Spiced-Up Traditional Gambling

Gambling has been something that people have done throughout the ages, the thrill of betting on sporting events or card games can be extremely good fun. Even today we are still betting on Baccarat, the 1400 century card Italian card game in casinos, and now also online gambling sites. Gambling has come a long way since the fourteen hundreds and now there are so many games in casinos, slot machines, Texas hold ‘em, poker, blackjack, and roulette to name just a few. Sporting events betting has surpassed the $650 million mark in recent years, soccer is the most heavily gambled sport on the planet accounting for 30 to 40% of all legal and illegal betting around the world. In 2018 Russia hosted the FIFA World Cup and betting on teams surpassed all records, making billions of dollars for bookmakers and gamblers alike.

But there is a new player in town that has been rapidly growing in the gambling markets and has made the traditional bookmaker take notice, Esports. Most people are aware of Esports but don’t understand the potential for betting and its growing popularity within the gambling world. Dedicated gambling sites have begun to spring up including VamosGG which gives odds on the many Esports events that occur daily. Online gambling has surpassed the traditional bookmaker in the neighborhood or street and become the best place to shop for odds and also give promotions to gamblers due to lower costs of operation.

How Did Online Gambling Become so Popular?

In 1994, Antigua and Barbuda became the country to pass legislation that allowed for gambling online, the software had already been developed in advance by software developers based in the Isle of Man. After the encryption software was completed it paved the way for the first online casinos starting in 1994 also. By 1996 there were only 15 gambling websites active but the following year more than 200 specific gambling sites had been launched and online gambling had already become a billion-dollar industry by 1998. There are currently around 3000 traditional walk-in casinos across the world with over 1600 based in North America alone but online casinos have overtaken this with an estimated number of 4000 now operating in various countries and territories.

With the market growing at such a tedious pace, not just for casinos but for all forms of gambling including betting on horse races, greyhounds, online Esports competitions, traditional sports betting, and national lotteries the online gambling future looks bright. In 2020 online betting has gained a 45% share of the online gambling industry and with many countries now allowing and encouraging companies to invest in new start-up firms to set up online gambling firms with tax incentives.

The Advantages of Online Gambling Over Land Based Casinos

The traditional casino does have a nostalgic feel for many when you enter the atmosphere immediately changes from the outside world. The excitement of all the gamblers or depression is all part of the casino experience which everybody should try even if it’s only for fun. But with the advent of online casinos and bookmakers for many people, online gambling has changed everything. Here are some of the main reasons why people are embracing online gambling:

  • Instant access: With online betting sites you no longer have to travel to place bets or drive miles to the nearest casino, it is right at your fingertips remaining in the comfort of your own home. Most people have a smart device or computer so accessing your account has never been easier.
  • The food and drinks are free: Casinos can be expensive not just for gambling but for food and beverage also and if you like to have a cocktail or a beer whilst gambling this means you will have to pay for a room to avoid driving under the influence. Unless you’re a high roller and get free accommodation this adds up. Betting from home is much more convenient. Your bed is upstairs and the kitchen has all the food and drinks you want.
  • If you are a nervous gambler: Playing or placing bets online also relieves some of the pressure that people sometimes when in land-based casinos or bookmakers, with nobody watching and remaining anonymous to the outside world many people prefer this, especially newcomers to the gambling world and it gives you time to perfect your game.
  • Free practice: Learning new games can be a bit intimidating in a casino where everybody else seems to know the game inside out. Online betting services offer free games so you can learn first without losing any money or just to play for fun.
  • Higher Payouts: Traditional casinos cannot compete with online gambling due to their high set-up costs, maintenance, and staff salaries. Online gambling runs at a much cheaper cost and is often based in offshore tax havens paying lower taxes on their business, all this means the percentage of payouts are higher.

These are some of the advantages of gambling online compared to land-based gambling and can also help to save you money.

A further Break From Tradition, Esport Gambling

Esports has developed rapidly over the last 10 years with millions of people gaming every day around the world. Large-scale tournaments are held each year in live venues with thousands of people flocking to arenas to support individual players or teams, the online fan base for this is huge with the highest recorded views on mediums like YouTube reaching into the 10s of millions. With this popularity gambling has become an important part of the Esports culture.

Gambling on the outcome of online tournaments which are hosted 24 hours a day 7 days a week with players from every country on the planet joining in on the action. Gambling naturally followed into this market with live streams broadcast anybody can gamble on the winner of the tournament or certain customized bets within the game. The betting industry is worth billions of dollars every year, Esports gambling has taken the gambling industry by storm and will only get bigger.

Covid-19 has had a dramatic effect not just on online casinos but Esports gambling also benefiting from the lockdown and quarantine measures implemented in every country around the world. This has meant that people unable to work or go to school are signing up for online Esports games in record numbers to help counter the boredom of being at home most of the time.


People, once casinos are allowed to reopen their doors when the pandemic is beaten, will always enjoy going to the casinos or bookmakers in person. Online gambling has made a big impact on the gambling industry over recent years with more and more people signing up daily to place bets on a vast number of different Esports, online casinos, soccer, basketball, American football being the most popular to gamble on.

If you are gambling remember to do it in a controlled manner and don’t get carried away with success this rarely works out, a good gambler knows when to stop and come back another day. Gambling can become an addiction and can wreak havoc among households and relationships. Betting should be fun and exciting and ultimately profitable and done with caution and some research is essential before placing your bets.


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