July 21 2021

Casinos and Slot Games In Sims 4: How it is Realized

The article was written in collaboration with Jeremy Smith, a Senior Business Project Manager and founder at FreeSlotsHub.com website — a large HUB providing 4356+ free slots to play for fun with bonuses and free spins. Jeremy is a great Sims 4 video game fan.

“The Sims” is a series of simulation games produced by Electronic Arts. It is based on the player creating a character “Sim” in a brand new world and gradually upgrading his life with new things. Generally, Sims is a game focused on home furnishing and leading the career of your Sim. However, with the rise in the game’s popularity, new additions appeared. Among them was the addition of slot machines.

Gambling was first introduced in The Sims 3 Store venue Lucky Simoleon Casino.

This new feature allowed Sims to visit casinos and gamble like in real life. This feature, although not officially, has been added to Sims 4 via Custom Content- mods created by players. As of now, many attractive, detailed casinos were created by The Sims community, and they are waiting for you to play them. How were they made? What do they offer? Why should you play these casinos? These, and many more questions, will be answered in this article. If you like Sims, are a gambler, or generally enjoy experiencing new things in games- have a read!

Sims 4: Get Together

One thing to help you create a casino in the Sims 4 is the edition “Get Together” expansion game. It is essential for creating a successful casino because it introduces new products, such as:

  • Arcade machines
  • Night clubs
  • “Night out” themed skills, dialogue lines, and discussion topics

Your Sims can not only visit these venues and have fun in them but also create and manage them however you want. The added skills are Dancing and DJ Mixing, both of which, if focused on, can significantly increase the performance of your Sim in nightclubs it visits. The additional costs are typically around 40 dollars and is available in many online shops, including the official EA Sims shop. However, you can get it cheaper on sites such as eneba.com, kinguin.net, or G2A.com. On these websites, people sell Sims 4 Get Together keys for about 15$. Additionally, the official Sims shop will offer bundle sales many times per year, including this expansion.

Casino Hollywood By Brandon TR

Casino Hollywood is one of the many virtual casinos build inside Sims 4 by the community. This specific one is probably one, if not the most known casino modpack available for download up to date. This casino will make you think of all the exclusive, top-of-the-top casinos you see in places such as Las Vegas or Pennsylvania. It is entirely, thoroughly furnished, with every gambling feature you can ever dream of. From the outside, it looks like a palace- with blue, arcade-looking columns and walls, surrounded by small ponds spitting out water in every color. A red carpet leads players to the entrance, with barriers on each side. Immediately upon entering the casino, you’ll take notice of how enormous it is. A massive bar with rows of brown, wooden chairs and a tall glass collection of wines can guest as many of your characters as you would like, along with the leisure area- and that’s only the nightclub! Casino Hollywood also includes:

  • A restaurant to fulfill your sims’ eating needs
  • A poker saloon as a primary way of gambling

This venue is a part of the “Oasis Vegas” project conducted by Brandon TR. It is the second part of the project- the first one being “Club Vegas”. However, it was nowhere near the size of Brandon’s latest creation. At the moment, Casino Hollywood has almost 40000 downloads just from the official Sims site.

Casino Stuff By Brittpinkesim

Another set of casino-related items was submitted by the player. However, this one is not a complete venue. Instead, it is a bundle of casino-themed items that players can use to turn any room they want into a professional-looking casino. As the creator has noticed, by the time of creating this mod, there were no such additions in Sims 4. Therefore, she took some items from the previous part of the game series and implemented them into the Sims 4 world. This specific set includes items that can be found in Sims 3, in sets named Viva La Vegas Living, Viva La Vegas Bedroom, Regency Arcade, and Showtime. Although taken from a different part, all of these items are fully compatible with the current version of Sims 4. Unfortunately, this bundle includes only decorative items, which means that your Sims still won’t be able to interact with them. Some of the items in the set include:

  • Dice dining room table
  • Playing cards sofa
  • Spade TV
  • Casino Stereo
  • Dice column
  • Stack of the cards display
  • Poker chip mirror
  • Spade wall lights
  • Many casino-themed wall stickers

Although not explicitly made for gambling, the items in this bundle are all visually connected to casino and gambling themes. Using them will make your room look like a top-tier casino, without any doubt.

Poker and Player Trait

Recently a mod was created that allows sims to play poker. With the advent of this mod, sims acquired new character traits and buffs associated with playing cards. This mod was made by an enthusiast of poker who wanted to implement his favorite activity into a game. The new trait- Gambler – works for Sims with ages ranging from teen to elder.

It allows sims to gain new, random bonuses while playing cards. They include:

  • Good hand- which gives +2 Confidence
  • Poor poker hand- which gives +2 Sadness
  • Cheater- which gives +2 Anger
  • Happy Play Cards- which gives +1 Happiness

You can play poker both at home and in a bar. However, playing in a bar grants one additional bonus- time to shuffle, which gives +1 Happy. This mod also introduces a new Pie Menu with social interactions for your gambling sims. It works well with other mods and doesn’t override them. It is available in 5 different languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Italian.

How to install Casino Mod for Sims 4

Mods in Sims 4 are a crucial part of the game. The community makes them, and they can either fix problems that already exist or add new, interesting mechanics to the game. The same goes for casino mods- these additions add unique traits, behaviors, and interactions surrounding the gambling theme for you to enjoy. With hundreds upon hundreds of mods to choose from, choosing the perfect one may sometimes be challenging. Luckily, many websites provide lists with the best mods to download, categorized based on what they add. To install these mods, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Download the mod file
  2. Open Windows Explorer and locate a folder Electronic Arts> The Sims 4> Mods
  3. Place the mod file in the Mods folder.

These mods usually don’t require any additional actions to work, but they will be listed on the mod download site if they do.

Remember! If you download a zipped file, don’t unpack it. Drag it into the folder in the unzipped state. Same goes for .ts4script and .package extensions.

This tutorial works both for Windows and Mac users, with the slight difference being that in Mac, you have to open Finder instead of Windows Explorer.

Casino mod commands

After installing the poker mod, your Sim will get special options. These options will appear only when your Sim is playing poker at a bar in the house. The main trait, Poker Player, displays a line that says, “These Sims are passionate about Poker card game, and they dream of becoming a poker legend someday!”. It grants you bonuses when playing games, which upgrade some of your stats randomly. They display lines about cheaters, love of gambling, love of poker, good or bad luck, and other gambling-related quotes. Additionally, your Sim will be granted the option to talk to other Sims about things related to playing poker. These include:

  • Talking about variants of poker
  • Joking about poker
  • Sharing poker tips
  • Bragging about poker skills
  • Gossiping about poker players

And many more. As previously mentioned, these lines, and all of the other ones in this mod, have been translated to five different languages by native speakers purely out of goodwill.

How to remove a Casino mod

Sometimes the mods you install may not work correctly, or in some cases, negatively affect the work of your other mods or even your computer. In this case, follow these steps:

  1. Identify whether it’s the mod that’s causing problems.
    You can do this by running Sims with the mod disabled. If the game runs smoothly without the addition but has problems when you implement the mod, you can be almost 100% sure your mod is causing the problem.
  2. Move your Mod file out of the game and bring the mods back one by one.
    Although tedious and monotonous, this method will help you identify exactly which mod is broken without having to remove other ones that are working correctly. You can also do it by moving the mods into two separate subfolders and checking which one has the troublesome mod in it. Then, repeat the separation until you find the single mod that’s causing problems.

What to do if you can’t locate the mod in your “Mods” folder

If your Mods folder is loaded with various similar mods, it may be hard to identify the malfunctioning one. In this case, Sims 4 Tray Importer is the best tool to deal with this issue.

Using Sims 4 Tray Importer

To delete custom content using this tool, you need to:

  • Place your custom content items in an empty space
  • Delete the ones you want to keep so that only the unwanted ones remain
  • Click the “Save to library” button
  • Save the lot to the library
  • Open Sims 4 Tray Importer and click the “CC” button
  • Right-click each item and select “Show containing folder”
  • Delete the file that shows up

Using this tool enables you to delete CAS items or broken custom content you put on your Sim.

Using The Sims 4 Studio

This is an alternative to Sims 4 Tray Importer. It works similarly to it, and it allows you to locate unwanted mods and delete them quickly.

Remember to periodically create a backup for your Sims 4, especially before adding significant additions or updates.

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