August 12 2023

Casino Superstitions: Luck, Rituals, and Beliefs

Fortunes change with the roll of a dice in casino games. However, players often rely on more than just skill and strategy.

Welcome to the intriguing realm of casino superstitions, where players believe in luck, follow rituals, and have unique beliefs.

Let’s dive into fascinating gambling superstitions, from lucky charms to elaborate rituals.

Lucky Charms

People carry lucky charms to bring good fortune; the casino floor is no exception. Gamblers often keep objects that imbue them with luck and fortune.

A few common luck charms are:

  • Rabbit’s foot – brings good luck and protects from misfortune
  • Four-Leaf Clover – considered highly fortunate
  • Horseshoe – attracts and captures good luck

You can also find weird and strange lucky charms on the casino floor. These objects brought fortune to the gambler earlier, and they believe the success will repeat.

Lucky Numbers

Most of us have a lucky number. We keep our lucky numbers in mind when we buy lottery tickets, choose a new phone number, and so on.

Gamblers exhibit the same habit when it comes to wagering. They bet consistently on their lucky numbers in the hope of winning.

It may not be the best strategy, especially in some games. However, beliefs and rituals never had to be logical to become popular!

Rolling Rituals

Many casino games involve rolling a dice to decide the outcome. Various beliefs and rituals surround the rolling of dice in casinos worldwide.

Here are the most intriguing ones:

  • Blowing on the dice before rolling them
  • Talking and coaxing dice to land on specific numbers
  • Kissing the dice to turn out lucky
  • Invoking gods and deities
  • Rolling dice in a particular style or process

The rituals differ based on country and culture. So, visiting a casino in a new country is always interesting.

The Unlucky Seat

Gamblers think about “unlucky seats” in games like poker or blackjack. They avoid sitting in that seat, convinced it will impact their chances of winning.

This superstition is so prevalent that players will even stand and wait for the “lucky” seat to become available.

Moreover, gamblers may have a favorite side of the table or similar superstitions.

Not Counting Your Money

Many gamblers feel counting their money will bring bad luck. As a result, they don’t keep track of their funds or chips while playing.

They believe counting will jinx their winning streak.

There are better ways to gamble, you might agree. You can run out of funds or make uninformed decisions that impact your likelihood of winning.

But you cannot argue with superstitions, can you?

Unlucky Days

A few gamblers consider specific days of the week unlucky. For example, a person may refrain from gambling on Thursdays or Sundays.

They have something associated with the day that discourages taking risks. These people may even avoid doing anything important on that day.

What Do You Think?

What do you feel about gambling superstitions? Do you have any such beliefs or rituals? Do they always bring you good luck and fortune?


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Elle Gellrich