August 5 2022

Can Players in Poland Stop Losing Money on Online Gambling? 

Poland is one of the biggest and most regulated online gambling markets in Europe, flourishing year after year. In 2020 alone, Polish gaming companies generated PLN1.50bn, an amount that shouldn’t be overlooked easily, and that is only the regulated companies we are talking about. 

However, wherever and whenever there is gambling, there is also some controversy involved. As a Catholic country, Poland is still not very open to this activity, which is in many parts of the world perceived as sinful. Also, there is the financial aspect of it, as many believe all games are rigged and that there is no way to win. Whether these prejudices are true and what Polish people should do to stay on the safe side, we asked Anna Rosak. 

Anna Rosak (more about her here) is an online gaming expert who was born, raised, and lives in Poland. Yet, she disagrees that it should all come down to Catholic upbringing. 

The Polish Market Has to Grow Up

“Gambling and especially online gambling in Poland is a novelty,” says she and adds, “Too many people saw it as a solution to all their problems, especially financial ones. They haven’t read the fine print and are now disappointed. The disappointment turns to anger, so it is natural that they seek revenge. The pettiest form of it is to trash talk the entire industry.” 

According to Rosak, once players in Poland become mature enough to comprehend casino gaming is not a way of making money but a fun pastime, they will stop generating significant losses. 

“You must never bet more than you can afford. However, that is one of those lessons people have to live to believe”, says the expert. 

Rosak was kind enough to provide our readers with some tips on how to keep online gaming reasonable and avoid losses, frustration, and anger.

Stick to Safe Casino Brands

“I get it, there are so many brands out there it seems like a jungle, but always try to play with safe, licensed, and tested casino sites,” says Rosak and reveals her favorite – Betchan casino

She says casinos should have a fine list of games by established and renowned providers that have been around for at least a couple of years. Any gaming site should also be completely transparent on who operates it and deliver some sort of evidence it is licensed. 

“Right now, players in Poland are easily seduced by neon colors and flashy promises. Honestly, it feels like we are back behind the iron curtain and gets impressed by the knick-knacks from the West. Players have to be wiser than that. They are depositing real money, after all. Do your research, read reviews, and don’t settle for the first offer that comes along the way”, warns Anna.  

Careful With the Bonuses

Another aspect that should be considered is casino bonuses. Although they are created as marketing incentives to attract players, they often do it in all the wrong ways, especially when unlicensed brands step into the spotlight. 

The casino expert says it is important to understand casino bonuses are not free money but funds that have to be played over and over again: “Unfortunately, I have heard so many stories about people who believed the casino is giving out thousands of euros for free. Such misconceptions come with a high price to pay, as bonuses often restrict you from withdrawing, especially at unregulated casinos.”

Still, Rosak feels the urge to say not all bonuses are bad. She explains it all comes down to bonus rules and whether a player finds them manageable or not. If a casino asks you to wager the bonus money more than 40 times, you should simply pass the deal and move on, especially if there are short deadlines involved. If the rollover is up to 40x and has a long deadline, consider giving it a shot, yet only if you are at a licensed casino, she advises. 

Implement Responsible Gaming Strategies 

Responsible gaming is the essence of all casino fun. This means you should never expect to make money from it. If you do, fine. If not, fine again”, warns Anna and continues, “Never stake more than you can afford. Don’t see it as an escape from daily troubles. Use the tools available to keep the time and money spent at a casino reasonable.” 

Even so, Anna thinks it is not only gamers who should be responsible. She holds the authorities to be equally accountable, just as organizations and government agencies that lack to provide efficient and substantial support to players in need. 

“Still, the reasonable gaming with minimum losses starts with you. Be focused, don’t let emotions control you, and remember – it is nothing but fun”, Anna added in the end. 


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