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Best Fortnite Streamers And Their Headsets


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If you’ve ever watched Fortnite pros stream on Twitch, you’ll know that they use high-quality equipment to get a competitive edge whilst battling on the island. Aside from the best gaming keyboard and mouse combo, one of the most important pieces of equipment is a gaming headset.

Believe it or not, the ability to hear enemy footsteps and gunshots with a quality headset is the difference between gaining that #1 victory spot and dying a quick death. But what is classed as a ‘good Fortnite headset’? For most people, it’s one that balances sound quality and comfort well. Considering Fortnite is so addictive, you’ll want to pick out a headset with extra padding so that you’re comfortable during long squad battles.

Now, despite the undeniable convenience of a headset, headphones are just as good for Fortnite, which is why we have picked out some players that don’t use a built-in mic. This is because although the best microphone for gaming is convenient for chatting in cooperative mode, it isn’t an essential piece of equipment.

So, what headsets do professional Fortnite players use? Let’s skydive into our list and take a look. 🎧 🎮

Fornite Streamers: Best Gaming Headsets

We mentioned that most of the Fortnite pros on our list use a pair of gaming headphones, and while headsets are more convenient, built-in mics often lack in quality. If you’re interested, check out what mic does Ninja use?

PlayerGaming Headset
NinjaBeyerdynamic DT 990 Pro
TfueSennheiser HD 700
TSM_MythLogitech G533
DrLupoBlue Ella Planar
DakotazLogitech G933
KingRichardBeyerdynamic DT 990 Pro
CDNThe3rdSennheiser HD 700
CloakzySteelSeries Arctis Pro
TSM DaequanLogitech G PRO
SvennossASTRO Gaming A50

To give viewers the best audio quality possible – whether that’s on YouTube or Twitch – streamers like Ninja have a dedicated microphone so that everything they say on stream is crystal clear.

fortnite battle royale skins

What Headsets Do Fortnite Streamers Use?

Our top 10 favorite Fortnite streamers are all ahead of the game, but what headphones do these Fortnite pros use?


fortnite streamer ninja

What headset does Ninja use?

Aside from the floss, Ninja is likely the first thing that springs to mind when someone mentions Fortnite. With over 5,000 wins and hundreds of amusing streams, he is way ahead of the average player. But do his headphones give him an in-game advantage?

Back in June of 2017, Ninja Tweeted out his setup for the sound which included the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones that he currently uses. Although they offer premium sound quality, they require a mixamp to deliver the high audio levels, adding up to a hefty amount. And by a hefty amount, we mean just short of $600, massive investment for a casual player.

Though, if you think you can dominate Ninja in Fortnite, these headphones will do the job at ensuring you hear everything from enemy footsteps to 12-year-olds raging down the mic.


fortnite streamer tfue

What headset does Tfue use?

Although Tfue got destroyed in Fortnite by a kid, he still has one of the highest numbers of in-game kills. Not to mention the numerous tournaments he’s won over the years, and the hundreds and thousands of dollars he’s won by being so advanced at the game. His beast of a gaming setup could have contributed to his gaming performance, while his Sennheiser HD 700 headphones definitely allowed him to hear his enemies approaching.

Tfue isn’t the only player on our list that uses these high-end Sennheiser headphones, and there’s a reason that pros use them. They offer an open-back design to facilitate transparent sound, allowing him to hear the smallest things in-game. They are pretty pricey, especially with the amplifier, but you definitely get what you pay for when buying from a brand like Sennheiser.


fortnite streamer TSM_Myth

What headset does Myth use?

“You guys wanna see the best RPG snipe of all time?” – said Myth before obliterating an opponent like a boss. Ladies and gentlemen, grab a pen and paper and take note of the wireless Logitech G533, as this headset could have helped TSM_Myth hear his enemies from such a distance.

In the same stream as his undeniably talented shot, Myth is asked construction tips by some of his followers. There’s no doubt that Myth is one of the best builders in Fortnite, as he constructs forts with ease to protect him from enemies before rapidly one-shotting opponents. I know I wouldn’t want to come face to face with him on the island!


fortnite streamer DrLupo

What headset does DrLupo use?

With his hilarious Bear Grylls impressions and ability to smoothly drive all-terrain karts, DrLupo is one of the best Fortnite players to date.

If you’ve ever watched his Twitch streams or even just his highlights, you may have noticed the uniquely designed pair of headphones that he wears. They aren’t exactly pretty, but the Blue Ella Planar headphones offer some insane features, such as a built-in 250mW amplifier for high-fidelity sound. No wonder he dances off his victories like a boss!


fortnite streamer Dakotaz

What headset does Dakotaz use?

Dakotaz is known for his unreal flick snipes, and we agree that he takes some of the best shots in Fortnite. Even if you don’t agree, you can’t deny that he’s a superior player.

His headset of choice is an affordable option for casual players and offers surround sound so that Dakotaz is aware of his surroundings on the island. The Logitech G933 is compatible with a large number of platforms, while the wireless option ensures nothing gets in his way. And with the way Dakotaz plays, I wouldn’t want to get in his way either.


fortnite streamer KingRichard

What headset does KingRichard use?

KingRichard is definitely one of the kings of Fortnite. After all, he uses the same headphones as Ninja, who’s arguably one of the best players in the game.

If you’ve recently been watching Kings Twitch streams, you’ll notice that like many Fortnite professionals, he’s started to play Apex Legends. No matter what game he’s playing, he always sets the bar high, and some would even say that he’s better than Ninja.

The headphones that they both use are undeniably one of the best pairs of headphones on the market, though as we mentioned, they come with a price. But if that price means winning more games than usual, it may just be worth it.


fortnite streamer CDNThe3rd

What headset does CDNThe3rd use?

Whatever CDNThe3rd wants, he can just pick up his handy red phone and call up Epic Games to request specific item drops, right? You know you’ve made it as a Fortnite streamer when viewers accuse you of cheating.

Jokes aside, CDNThe3rd is one of the best Fortnite players out there, which is why he’s made it to our list. Much like Tfue, he uses the popular Sennheiser HD 700 headphones which offer a sleek design that uses the dual-material yoke to eliminate negative influences to sound quality.


fortnite streamer Cloakzy

What headset does Cloakzy use?

Cloakzy is a Fortnite player on the same FaZe team as Tfue, but they don’t use the same headphones. Cloak has eliminated over 30 enemies in solos multiple times, making him one of the most advanced Fortnite players on our list. I mean, even his girlfriend has killed DrLupo and Ninja! Definitely a lucky shot, and she wasn’t even wearing Cloakzys headphones.

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro headset is another affordable piece of equipment that’ll certainly get you climbing the leaderboard in no time. Although we are aren’t certain that you’ll hit the 20+ kill mark, a decent headset sure will help.

TSM Daequan

fortnite streamer TSM Daequan

What headset does TSM Daequan use?

Daequan is a beast at Fortnite, but his skills don’t stop there. His achievements listed on his Twitch account include being in the top 0.1% in Destiny PvP, the top 10 Roadhog in Overwatch, and a top 1v1 Guard in GW2. You’d be wrong to say that he isn’t an outstanding gamer.

Alongside his achievements, Daequan lists the equipment he uses to for gaming, which includes his Logitech G PRO headset. After being sponsored by Logitech, Daequan has picked up a few of their headphones, but currently, he seems to be loving the G PRO. It’s an affordable headset that offers a premium quality build and improved noise isolation, allowing TSM Daequan to stay at the top of any game.


fortnite streamer Svennoss

What headset does Svennoss use?

Last but not least on our list is Svennoss, a player that has surpassed Ninja in the past, while Fortnite isn’t the only game he’s ranked first in. He has managed to rank number 1 in Call of Duty 4, Shattered Skies, and somehow squeeze his way into the top 0.02% in League.

There’s no denying that he’s brilliant at what he does, and according to him, he takes video games very seriously – and we can tell. He uses an ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby headset, suitable for PS4 and PC, that comes with a wireless base station. As Svennoss is such an outstanding player, we trust his equipment choices and say if you can, opt for his ASTRO headset. Though, don’t expect to surpass Ninja overnight.

Fortnite Streamers Gaming Headsets Overview

HeadsetOpen/Closed BackImpedanceFrequency ResponseInterface
Beyerdynamic DT 990 ProOpen250 Ohms5 Hz - 35 kHzWired
Sennheiser HD 700Open150 Ohms10 Hz - 42 kHzWired
Logitech G533Closed32 ohms20 Hz - 20 kHzWireless
Blue Ella PlanarClosed50 Ohms Passive, 10 Ohms Active20 Hz - 20 kHzWired
Logitech G933Closed39 Ohms20 Hz - 20 kHzWired/Wireless
SteelSeries Arctis ProClosed32 Ohms10 Hz - 40 kHzWired
Logitech G PROClosed32 Ohms20 Hz - 20 kHzWired
ASTRO Gaming A50Closed48 Ohms10 Hz - 40 kHzWireless


Dedicated microphones tend to offer superior sound quality compared to built-in mics, which is probably why Fortnite pros prefer headphones over headsets. While the high impedance and low-frequency response headphones that pro gamers opt for aren’t necessary for casual gamers, they sure do assist in helping you hear everything in Fortnite.

If we haven’t mentioned your favorite streamer, we might’ve dedicated an article to him personally. For example, if you’re a fan of his sniper plays, take a look at what headset is Shroud using.

Want to know what settings professional Fortnite players use? Check out our best Fortnite settings post for more information.


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