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A Brief Look at the History of the RuneScape Partyhat

The Runescape Partyhat, despite being one of the most useless items in the game, is also the most expensive.

This hat has an interesting history behind it, dating back to when Runescape first entered the online arena. Twenty years on, the partyhat still holds a special place in player’s hearts.

Read on to discover why this simple hat is so beloved by all and why it will cost you a pretty penny to buy one today.

The Birth of the Runescape Partyhat

In December of 2001, when Runescape wasn’t even a year old, the developers Jagex decided to do something nice for their community. To celebrate the upcoming festive season, they introduced Christmas Crackers into the game for a one-day Runescape event on December 25th.

The crackers were a drop item that would generate a partyhat and gold, or possibly some armor when used with another player. The partyhats were available in random colors including blue, red, yellow, green, purple, and white. When a player put one on, it looked like a colored crown.

Everything continued as normal until the partyhat item was discontinued after the event. That meant no more drops and a limited supply of the partyhats on the market.

As the player base changed over time from RS1 to RS3 and older players left the game and stopped playing video games, so were many partyhats lost to the void. As such, they rapidly became a much-in-demand item, and the gold price to buy them skyrocketed.

They are now the most expensive item in the game despite offering no stat bonuses to the player. The partyhat reached the game’s maximum virtual assets stack value of 2.1 billion gold pieces in 2015. That’s a 447% increase in value since its release.

You need a maximum stack of items at a similar or higher value to buy one, or be a smart gamer and visit an RS3 gold seller outside the game. The blue partyhat (the most popular color) in real-world money is valued at $6,700. They are a highly sought-after item for this reason.

The Fall of the Purple PartyHat

In 2003 a player called “Sixfeetunder” discovered a glitch in the game that allowed him to create items during a trade. A third-party software called Autorune made it possible to spawn items by typing in their code number. You did not even need to have the original item within your player inventory; you just needed to know the code.

This player then went on to explain to others how to perform the same glitch. They did exactly this and decided to spawn the most expensive item in the game at the time, the purple partyhat. This hat was actually known then as the pink partyhat but has since been renamed.

The purple partyhats flooded the market and crashed the MMORPG’s economy, causing the price to plummet almost overnight. The glitch also generated many other extremely rare items, and the effect on their prices is still visible today. Despite being the rarest partyhat, the purple partyhat is now considered the least valuable of the collection.

A Brief History of the Partyhat

Hopefully, you should now have a good understanding of the history of the rarest and most expensive item in the game, the Runescape partyhat. If you would like to have your own partyhat, you will need to start amassing a lot of Runescape gold or just get very lucky indeed!

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