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8 Reasons to Use Google Pay for Gaming

Every day, billions of people make online transactions to purchase goods, book vacations, pay for utilities, and entertain themselves. There are already hundreds of payment companies that make the process simple, convenient, and protected. However, some of them really stand out, and in this article, we want to discuss Google Pay, a digital wallet used by millions of gamers and buyers across the world.

Steadily, it replaces conventional banking systems and makes every transaction smooth and fast. Google Pay allows making payments, splitting bills, saving funds, and earning rewards. It also helps to analyze your spending to make better decisions in the future. 

Apart from thousands of stores and merchants, hundreds of Google Pay online casinos operate in New Zealand and provide players with outstanding experiences. Below, we want to discuss 8 reasons to pick this digital wallet for gaming and other activities. 

1. Smooth transactions

The times when you had to go to a store, use cash, and wait for a change have long gone. Modern payment systems allow making transactions in a matter of seconds, even if you are accessing a server located on another continent. Google Pay went even further – you don’t need to insert card details during every transaction. Just swipe the phone at a point of sale or insert a payment code sent to your phone.

2. Your payment details are hidden

Google Pay transactions use virtual card numbers, which allow hiding real numbers from those who would like to benefit from your accounts. For example, unreliable merchants, online hackers, and so on. These tokens steadily replace traditional debit and credit cards and make your transactions almost invulnerable.

3. Transaction signals are protected

The next reason to use Google Pay while gaming is that it uses NFC instead of WiFi for in-person transactions. The information is transmitted up to 5 cm, which ensures higher security and protection. If someone decides to interfere, both you and the merchant will see it and take timely action.

4. A chance to hide transaction history

Some players avoid using Google services because of privacy issues, but actually, they have better privacy compared to other digital wallets. You can manage the settings in your Google Account, and one of them involves hiding transaction history from advertisers. Thus, the details won’t be used by third parties or even sold to merchants.

5. Outstanding data encryption

Apart from solid security measures offered by Google Pay itself, modern smartphones provide extra layers of protection like Face and fingerprint ID or a PIN code. This makes the process of stealing card details or money more difficult. 

6. Notifications about suspicious payments

Cybercrimes are at their full bloom, so you need to be very attentive when making online transactions. Luckily, the risks are much lower with Google Pay, thanks to machine learning and constant improvements that help to detect potential fraud at an early stage. Users even receive warning alerts when an unusual transaction takes place.

7. It can be deleted remotely

Who hasn’t lost a smartphone at least once? But thanks to cloud storage and other modern technologies, it is easy to restore data and protect your money. Google Pay is connected to a Google account, so you can use the Find My Device option and delete any information even without a smartphone in hand. 

8. Available all over the world

When tap-to-pay systems were introduced, they could be found only at several popular shops. But the technology was such a success that it has quickly spread across the world. Nowadays, Google Pay is accepted in millions of stores and websites worldwide, including gaming platforms, grocery shops, malls, and even kiosks. Target, Booking, Steam, and iHerb are only some of the websites that support Google Pay. 

Using Google Pay is always a good idea

The advantages discussed above are only the tip of the iceberg, and every gamer can find other reasons to choose Google Pay. It has already replaced tens of financial instruments and will continue doing so in the nearest future, but if you haven’t tried Google Pay yet, we strongly recommend it. Keep up with the times and stay at the cutting edge of technology! 


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