June 22 2022

7 Ways Gamers Can Challenge Themselves

Gaming sure is fun, but it’s true that few gamers want the activity to be fun all the time. There should be a healthy dose of difficulty attached to gaming. If things become too easy, it won’t be long until boredom creeps in. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways that gamers can challenge themselves. They could branch out to a new console, for instance — if they’re an Xbox player, then they could switch to PlayStation. Or they could try games that are totally different; there are plenty of introductory casino offers at odds checker that allow gamers to try their hand at casino games without risking their own cash, for instance. And then there’s the matter of ‘self-imposed challenges.’ We’ll run through that and much more in this article.

New Games

There’s a lot to be said for loading up those old favorite games of ours. Once we’ve borderline obsessed with a game, we’re not often all that enthusiastic about finding another game anytime soon. However, over time, this becomes a detrimental approach to take. We can become so focused on the game that we like — and which we’ve more or less perfected — that we forget to branch out.

There’s comfort in playing the familiar games. But there’s magic in discovering new games, too. So if you’ve reached the point where you can play your recent obsession blindfolded, look at taking a look at the latest hot games. There’ll be something that catches your eye. But even if nothing does catch your eye, you can still invest in a new one. It’s kind of enjoyable to play something that you know nothing about.

Different Skills 

As well as just playing new games, it’s a good idea to look at playing games that require new skills. If you’re a master of RPG games, then yes, you could still be challenged by a new RPG, but you’ll still broadly know what’s expected of you. If you’re looking to really challenge yourself, look at playing a game that involves an entirely different set of skills. For instance, what about playing a game that involves critical thinking and math skills? You could play one of the many casino games that are available to play online, for example. If you’re new to the world of online casinos, then be sure to seek out an introductory offer before playing. That’ll ensure that you can get the hang of the game without risking your own money.

New Consoles

People are fiercely loyal to their console of choice. Indeed, there’s nothing that’ll quite invoke passion in a gamer quite like the old PlayStation or Xbox debate.

Are we saying that you should make the switch to the dark side, whatever that happens to be for you? Not exactly, but maybe! For one thing, investing in the other console will be a challenge. You’ll need to get over your attachment to your chosen console. But once you’ve done that, you’ll find that there’s much to love about getting to grips with a new — and quite brilliant — new console.

If that’s all too much to take, then fear not; you do have an option that’s slightly less emotionally taxing. You could buy one of the many small handheld consoles available on the market. These also require a different set of skills for your chosen console.

Play Against Better Players

It’s nice to be the top player. If you’ve been perfecting your gaming skills for some time, then you might be winning games left, right, and center. And that’s fun, sure, but it’s not especially challenging. If you’re winning every time you play, then it’s time to step things up a little. And how do you do that? By playing against people who you’re not expected to beat. You shouldn’t have to look too far to find people who play at a higher level. You may belong at that level yourself, but it’ll be unlikely that you have everything your own way.

Increase the Difficulty

Or what if you’re not playing against other people? Then you can try playing against a better version of the computer. No gamer worthy of the name would ever play the game on easy mode. But similarly, not many are eager to really challenge themselves in the most difficult setting of the game. This is especially true when it comes to those already difficult games. If you’ve been more or less playing the game without breaking a sweat, then it’ll be time to crank up the pressure a little. And nothing cranks up the pressure like seeing bullets coming at you at a much faster pace than before.

Add Some Self-Imposed Challenges

If the game itself isn’t — or can’t — present enough of a challenge, then you could always try adding some self-imposed challenges to the game. These are rules that don’t exist within the game itself, but just on yourself. The most classic example is trying to play Mario Kart without using the B button. More modern options include finding every item that it is possible to find in the video game world. You’ll find that you collect more gold coins than you thought possible.

Change the Camera Angle

If you want to really mess with your gameplay, then consider changing the camera angle. Most gamers assume that there’s just one way to perceive the game, but that’s normally not the case — there are a bunch of different options available to you. The most obvious example is with a game like Fifa. If you’ve played the game, you can probably picture the standard view from which you play the game. But there are other options — for example, you can play the game facing the goal (rather than having the goals at both sides of the camera angle). Take our word for it when we say that you’ll barely be able to pass the ball for the first minute or two.

And there we have it! Any time your gaming life is becoming too easy, try one or more of the above options and keep things interesting.


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