November 2 2023

7 Key Destiny 2 Tips for Beginners

Destiny 2 is among the most fun games to play, featuring many characters, weapons, locations, and more. Destiny 2’s universe and its content make it a massive game. It has excellent gunplay and features a lot of things to do. Destiny 2 is created in a manner that lets players maximize their experience when playing. You can personalize your characters in various ways.

However, the game isn’t simple for beginners. Destiny 2 newcomers usually get overwhelmed by the content amount offered as it’s released seasonally. Fortunately, following the right guide can be helpful, and below, we discuss seven key Destiny 2 tips for beginners.

Consider a Destiny 2 boosting service

Since Destiny 2 can be quite challenging for new players, using a boosting service enables them to accomplish the game’s missions or tasks without committing their time and effort. Whether you’re stuck or having difficulties clearing your levels, a boosting service can help you proceed to the next stage.

Destiny 2 boosting services are an ideal solution to ensure you don’t lose your rank but keep improving instead. Since these services are offered by pro gamers, playing alongside them can help build your gaming skills, enabling you to pick up a few tricks and techniques and learn new play styles to help you do well moving forward.

When looking for a Destiny 2 boosting service, look at feedback and reviews to check the provider’s reputation. The best service should have a positive track record of prompt delivery and customer satisfaction. They should also offer various customizable options suitable for your particular needs. A reliable Destiny 2 boosting service provider will have robust security measures to avert possible security breaches. The pricing should be fair, and the boosters should exude professionalism.

Complete Destiny 2 campaigns in order

Completing Destiny 2 campaigns in order is the best move for any gamer looking to enjoy the game’s outstanding storyline and (player versus environment) PVE experience. Thanks to the game’s size and longevity, its base campaigns and several expansions have been removed to create room for fresher content, meaning the Warmind, Curse of Osiris, Forsaken, and Red War campaign events are no longer available in the game.

However, there are other campaigns you can access, including Lightfall, Witch Queen, Beyond Light, and Shadowkeep. Lightfall is the most recent campaign, providing the best activities and gear plus the liveliest play space. However, the past three campaigns are worth competing due to their outstanding narratives and new locations.

Understand leveling

Unlike most games you’ll come across, character levels in Destiny 2 are different. Your character’s level is established by your gear rather than the character leveling up. Bigger gear numbers translate to a higher level, which controls the amount of damage you can generate and how much you can handle. Other stats will determine how quickly your health rejuvenates, how fast you move, and how quickly your abilities regenerate.

You can find these on your character screen and hover the cursor over them to know their effects and the effect of your current stats. Each gear will impact stats. So, if you wish to strengthen your character, focus on the stats.

Select the best class

Selecting a class is the first and most essential step for each Destiny 2 player. While there are only three Destiny 2 classes, your pick can result in a long-term for several years. As such, you should settle on a class that suits you best. The classes to choose from include:

  • Titan (The Knight): They can appeal to gamers who like controlling the battleground in their direction and can fearlessly launch into a group of enemies. Using the Barricade class capability, this class can safeguard their allies while protecting the team from opponents and fighting back with excessive effort to save them
  • Hunter (The Assassin): They’re perfect for players who enjoy both cautious and aggressive gameplay. The class can slay enemies in close combat before getting noticed, simultaneously ensuring they aren’t detected by getting into an invisible state or freezing
  • Warlock (The Sorcerer): They can appeal to gamers who like keeping off enemies and avoiding getting into direct confrontation. The class summons attendants to battle and can clean their weapons and heal guardians

Use the right tools

The right Destiny 2 tools and applications can help ensure a better gaming experience. These tools include:

  • DIM (Destiny item manager): This mobile and desktop tool allows you to move items from and to the vault, from the postmaster, between characters, create loadouts, and search with filters. It works on all browsers
  • It’s a detailed weapon database that contains the rolls on each existing weapon and what the community considers the most popular and best weapons, plus the god rolls. If you have any information regarding an in-game item, begin your search here
  • Ishtar Commander: You can alternate this with DIM on mobile, meaning you can compare items, move gear around, and do more on the go
  • D2 Checklist: It provides outstanding support for clan reporting, gear management, weekly completions, and more
  • Braytech: It’s an all-purpose application encompassing many functions
  • Destiny tracker: It is a vast database containing everything in Destiny 2. Also, it’s a top PVP star tracker

Familiarize yourself with game modes and planets

Upon loading into Destiny 2 for the first time, you’re confronted with a massive menu known as Director, full of game modes and planets. You use the Director to load into the game’s various activities. The game modes or playlist activities you’ll find there include:

  • Crucible: It’s the PvP area in the Destiny 2 game and consists of a few PvP modes, including Survival and Control. While some, like Control, are perfect for newbies, others, like Trials of Osiris, are suitable for hardcore gamers
  • Vanguard: It presents mini-dungeons where you’re required to slay anything in your way till you reach a final boss. The mode doesn’t contain any complex mechanics you must learn. All you have to do is enter and shoot anything on sight
  • Gambit: It’s a combination of player versus player (PvP) and player versus environment (PvE). So, you shouldn’t start here as a beginner

Understand Destiny 2 weapons

Destiny 2 weapons are grouped into three, including:

  • Primary weapons: They’re your loudout’s foundation and are the ones you’ll use often with infinite ammo
  • Special weapons: They’re reserved for tough enemies
  • Heavy weapons: They’re the most powerful and perfect for challenging encounters


Destiny 2 can be quite challenging for newbies. However, applying these beginner-key Destiny 2 tips can help.


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