April 1 2021

4 Things To Consider Before Buying an Oculus Gaming Headset

VR headphones are very costly and versatile. To ensure your investment, it is crucial to get complete knowledge about them and shortlist it to 4 things to consider before buying an oculus gaming headset.

Here I have summarized the complete buying guide in few points for your convenience. Let us start!

Buying Guide For VR Gaming Headphone

1. Type of Content You Want

Many kinds of VR earphones like games, videos, live tutorials are available. All these have different specs, features, characters. First of all, decide the primary purpose of buying, then according to your need to invest in it.

For example, there is no need for high power for novelty and light matter, so for yourself, find a low power affordable VR Headphone like Samsung gear VR, Dirt-cheap google cardboard.

But for using it for high purposes like for playing games, for scientific research, and dealing with development projects, you will have to invest in high power VR earphones like HTC VIVE, oculus RTF, etc.

2. What Are The Parameters of Your Playing Area

With VR earphones, you came in contact with the 3D imaginary things. You virtually observe all the things that are considered impossible and also enjoy the real things that are out of your access.

For all these tethered systems, you have to provide it space because the horizon of all views depends on the space you have provided to the VR earphone. Moreover, the headset also has other parts like base station, PC, external speaker; all these arts need space to be fixed in their place for smooth working.

Untethered systems need the same space, but you need no worry about a place for the additional parts. Some of them have reduced mode, so if you lack space, then you can use its reduced mode.

To assess how much space you can provide to the play area, find the coinciding VR headset, tracking system, and content.

3. How Much is Your Budget

For owning a high-quality VR headset, you need a large amount of money as it demands a powerful pc, preferably untethered headphones. Not all can afford such supreme and exceptional VR earphones.

But with time, new and affordable models of these virtual reality headphones are coming into the market. Thus people who have a limited budget can now enjoy the virtual reality headset and fulfill their wishes.

The price of these VR headsets depends on their power. Powerful earphones perform better hence are very expensive. But the headphone having less power is less expensive.

Similarly, tethered and untethered headphones also differ a lot from each other in their work and performance. But the performance of tethered earphones is exceptional; thatโ€™s why they are expensive but worth buying.

In short, according to your budget, choose the VR handset of a good brand for yourself, for example, you can get the best oculus quest 2 compatible headphones at a very reasonable price.

4. What is Your Level of Affluence?

These headsets have a double padded structure but still not very comfortable they may disturb our face circulation, and their weight is also high for some people.

So before buying a VR headset, wear it for some time and check whether you are feeling comfortable in it or not. Similarly, people who wear spectacles should also buy these VR headphones with extra caution.

What we see after wearing it and our sense receive differs a lot and due to which many people become a victim of motion sickness. After 15 minutes of its usage, almost 100% of people become motion sick. So before buying must keep this in your mind.

Final Words

Gaming headphones are not comfortable for everyone, and their price is also not affordable for everyone. For choosing bugs from such a wide variety, there are specific points that you should keep in mind.

Most important is your purpose of buying, budget, space you have, and your comfort level. If you are still facing some confusion, ask in the below comment section and clear your point.

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