December 31 2022

10 Games Like Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is a popular RPG that was released one decade ago. Things weren’t that great with FFXIV in the start, as it was ranked as the worst title in the entire Final Fantasy series. With the sheer commitment of developers at Square Enix, the game has improved a lot since. Extensive content is available in FFXIV to keep players engaged for hours, but there will be some times when you want to try some other options as well. The economy runs on FFXIV Gil, and they can be earned in different ways. Below are ten other MMORPGs like FFXIV or FFXI that you should try. Also FFXI, there are various ways to obtain economy runs on FFXI Gil.

1. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is an MMO role-playing game from the year 2004, making it even older than Final Fantasy XIV. Despite the fact that it’s so old, it is still updated from time to time, and new content is added to it to keep players engaged. It features player-vs-environment battles and dungeons. In the start, the character customization menu lets you give the desired looks to your fighter. All your dungeon and PVE encounters will be ranked on the leaderboard according to your performance.

2. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 takes you to the world of Tyria, which is struck by civil war. Choose your homeland and backstory to stop the civil war before it’s too late. The civil war erupted because elder dragons were awakened, so you have to deal with them in your adventure. You can assemble a party of your friends to take on difficult monsters and share the acquired loot equally. The environment of the game is realistic and 3D.

3. Lord of The Rings Online

In Lord of The Rings Online, explore middle earth with a big gaming community. A big arsenal of legendary weapons is available, so you can complete difficult quests single-handedly. Not happy with these weapons? Use the weapon crafting menu to craft your dream weapon from raw materials. In the monster play mode, become the servant of Sauron to reduce your burden while still roaming in the beautiful game world.

4. Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape is a retro game where you explore the fantasy world and fight in player-vs-player battles. It is a stunning multiplayer role-playing game with a self-sufficient economy. During the battle, the game will show you which enemies you should avoid based on their power and other stats. You can mark those players to help your teammates. Buy and sell things in the common area to make money or upgrade your character.

5. Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scroll Online is a well-known MMORPG series that features a variety of different skills and classes to help you during your adventure. You start the adventure by customizing your character. The game is set in Tamriel. You can invite your family members to play with them or go solo. Your in-game decisions will have an impact on the game world. Make your character look different by unlocking new outfits. Visit new locations on the map and get quests from NPCs there.

6. Neverwinter

Neverwinter is based on another role-playing game called Dungeons and Dragons. It contains features of the forgotten realms campaign from Dungeons and Dragons. You meet with monsters, villains, and heroes over the course of your adventure. The combat mechanisms of the game are very realistic, so you will need some time to become a master of combat. Eight different classes are available in Neverwinter, and each class serves a different purpose in the game. For players who hate to go solo, part quests are available. New elements from Dungeons and Dragons are also added to Neverwinter from time to time.

7. Black Desert Online

In Black Desert Online, you can experience the medieval world to its fullest. Everything from small chores to full-blown combat is manual here for added fun. Hunt animals for food and sell their hides for money. Survive in the harsh desert environment with limited resources to prove your survival skills. Various combat modes are available in Black Desert Online, Such as Castle Siege and Arena battles etc. With the alchemy system, craft potions, and medicine using herbs and stuff like that to treat your wounds and other medical conditions.

8. Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul is a role-playing fantasy game that combines an open world with martial arts to create the best MMORPG. You can explore the large open world to learn what secret it’s hiding and uncover them as you explore more. To bring a variation to the combat system, various martial-arts systems are available in Blade & Soul. For better survival, become a fierce warrior with the right skills and equipment. Customize your fighter with makeup. Choose your fighter from four different races to have their skills and traits from birth.

9. ArcheAge

ArcheAge is all about building the castle, defending the castle, and taking over enemy castles to expand your virtual kingdom. In the castle, you can construct new buildings to make the life of your people easier and elevate them from poverty. Become a pirate with the naval combat system to earn your living by looting ships. Want to avoid battle? Choose non-combat activities to make both money as well as experience points. The race that you choose at the start will impact your stats, such as strengths and weaknesses so choose carefully.

10. Tera

Tera is a fantasy open-world game that puts your critical thinking to the ultimate test and ranks your performance. On the battlefield, you have to act before your enemy, or you will lose crucial points. Tactical combat is the most rewarding activity in Tera, making it a war-hungry title. Bosses can be hard to deal with, but not with parties that you can create by inviting your friends. Between seven available races, choose the race with the best skills, abilities, and traits. Create a diverse team of players with different races to increase your chances. MMOpixel offers currencies and boosting services for most games in this list.


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